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August 4, 2021

How to Plan a DIY Wedding

We all know weddings can be extremely pricey, but we’re here to save the day! Let’s talk DIY weddings. Do it yourself is a fad that will likely never go away and you can use it to your advantage. We’ll advise you on how to host your own wedding, without the help of wedding planners!

Thorough planning is essential to the success of a DIY wedding. There are a few things that go into the planning of a wedding and those are the following: budget, guests, venue, decor, cake, food, and seating. You’ll need to sit down with your mate and plan these things carefully. 

The budget should consist of money for the food, venue, and decor. You’ll need to really determine how much you will spend for each section. We suggest creating a spreadsheet to lay these amounts out nicely. 

Create a guest list. This part is important as you want to budget for every guest you invite. This should be your first step. Guests can eat up your budget quickly. 

Determine what vibe you’d like to set for the event. What are your colors? Will this be an indoor or outdoor wedding? How many people are you expecting? Will you have a wedding party? 

What venue will you use? You’ll want to take multiple trips to your venue to ensure your layout is perfect, especially after you have your decor planned out. 

Select a date and time for the event. Should it take place at night or during the day? Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall? 

Next up is the fun part, the decor! What will your colors be? Will you require tablecloths, of course you can get those from Linentablecloth for a low price, centerpieces, giftbags, or napkins and charger plates. Create a mood board to lay your wedding design out like a pro! 

Find your vendors or do it yourself. You’ll need a caterer, photographer, and dj if you want to party the night away. 

Pick the Dress and Suit! 

Design your invites. We recommend using Canva. 

Now that we have everything planned you should be more than ready for your wedding!

Share your Event DIY with us!


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