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June 24, 2021

How to Plan the Perfect Party Menu

Today it’s very difficult to find time to socialize in-person with our family. Dinner parties are a great way to join with family and just enjoy each other’s presence. While Dinner Parties aren’t as simple as having a regular dinner, they are worth the effort. There’s nothing like spending quality time without gadgets and distractions!


As with anything, planning is essential. We must start with our guests. How many will you have? You don’t want to invite too many guests and not have enough food for everyone. If you have under six guests you may be able to have a more complex meal plan, with a larger crowd you’ll need to keep things simple. Are devices allowed at the dinner table? Who will do the cooking? Will you hire a caterer?  What type of table setting would you like? What day will you host your dinner party? A mid-week dinner party will require more planning and perfect execution to allow time to fit everyone’s schedules. We’ll break each area down step by step. 


First determine how many guests you will have. Typical dinner parties have a guest list of 6 and under to keep everything as simple as possible. Also, you’ll need to determine a budget here as tablescapes can add up quickly. Determine your color scheme. You can check out Linentablecloth’s blog post for how to design a stunning tablescape here. Don’t forget to check out for affordable table linens, flowers, and centerpieces. 

Main Dish 

Always begin planning with your main dish so you can easily match your starters, sides, beverages, and deserts. Consider how long the preparation of each course will require. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours, unless that’s what you enjoy. Your main dish will set the tone for the rest of your dishes. 


Planning a menu is not as simple as it may seem. You’ll need to take into account any food allergies your guests may have or just particular foods they may or may not like. Your starters should be as pair with your main dish. If you have a heavy main dish, you’ll want to start with something light, like a simple salad. 


Your beverages should also compliment your dishes. Will you have wine,  soda, or water? We suggest having all three options for your guests to pick from. 


Keep your side dishes simple. You only want to have one complicated dish, which will likely be your main dish. 


Desert is a bonus! Feel free to leave this one off, but it is a nice touch. If you don’t want to prepare much this is the time to buy deserts from the store!

Now you’re ready to throw your dinner party! We hope you enjoy your dinner and lovely friends and family. Let us know how your dinner party turned out! 


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