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June 3, 2020

How To Rock A Stretch Chair Sash

Okay, we gotta admit, our stretch chair sashes are a little… dare we say…blasé….not that this is a bad thing.  Our stretch sashes make a poised statement of sophistication, but, with just a little finesse, they can be transformed into something fabulous!  We created 8 variations to dress up a stretch chair sash with the hopes that you’ll be impressed and inspired to try a few of these out for yourself!

First, a little bit about them: Our stretch chair sashes are 100% flexible stretchy polyester meaning durable, wrinkle free, and machine washable. The best part? They fit most chairs!  Not to mention they are reversible- a quick fix for an accidental spill during the event, just turn the sash inside-out.

Now take a look as we transform this simple product into something amazing!


Turn this:


Into this:



Here we started with a chiavari chair,  our ivory strech chair sash, and  our black lace. Simply tie the lace so that it drapes down and pulls the chair sash in the center.


Our next style uses the same elements as the one above but instead, the lace acts as a veil over the sash. When hosting your next fancy soiree,  try alternating both looks!


Here we used a safety pin to fasten one half of a 5 in. flower ball to the center of the burgundy sash. This simple addition adds a nice touch of elegance to the chair.



This look is similar to the previous one but instead uses a tissue pom with a white sash. Try positioning the flower or other embellishment off to one side, verses the center, for a completely different look.



Bringing a rustic vibe to a stretch sash is simple just by pinning on a burlap ribbon bow.



Create glitz and glam on the cheap with this head-turner. Simply attach a small piece of a diamond wrap to the sash with a safety pin or velcro dot and then slide it over a black stretch chair cover.



For a twist on the traditional (pun intended), 😉 this one is the easiest to create. Simply twist and slide on! Notice that we paired our red stretch chair sash with a white stretch chair cover to show off just how striking this simple variation can be.



Last but not least, this elegant look is created by wrapping a piece  of our floral lace roll around a  black sash. This look pairs well with lace runners or overlays.

And that’s how you rock a stretch chair sash!

What do you think? Isn’t it crazy how just a little effort makes a big improvement? Have any other ideas we missed? Let us know below and we’ll add it to this list 🙂

Design/Photography/Content: Olivia Finley | Content edited by: Jamie Burdett

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