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August 4, 2021

It’s National Book Lover’s Day!

Do you consider yourself a bibliophile? Are you looking for unique event themes? Today, August 9, 2019 is National Book Lover’s Day.  Celebrate this special occasion with our mini mock shoot. While each table is different, they’re tied together with accents and the use of books. Scroll down for the complete breakdown and more images! 

Cake Table

Drawing the eyes of guests toward the front of our mock shoot, you’ll see our cake table!  This table features a 118 in. Round Baroque Sheer Tablecloth in Silver over a 108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth in Black. The length of the tablecloth gives just enough drop that there is a small puddle of fabric at the bottom of the cocktail table which can add a look of elegance to your table. 

Perhaps my favorite part of the shoot was the cake stand.  Three hardcover books had their dust jackets removed and stacked.  Though the novels were turned with spines facing the back, all three feature black or dark grey binding to match the event palette. While we don’t recommend putting a real cake on your favorite read, thrift stores or even garage sales are great places to find bargain books. 

A single hardcover was propped up and open with a book stand.  At the beginning, a single message is written, “And so it Begins…” This is the ideal spot for any personalization to help with your event’s ambiance. Be careful of the flame, but candles can also add that romantic touch. 

Head Table

Our head table is a standard 6 ft. with a full drop 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth in Black. Black Rose Embossed Chair Sashes decorate all of the guest seats, for the head as well as guest table. Crinkle Taffeta Sashes in Silver accentuate the bride and groom’s space.  Tied around black Stretch Banquet Chair Covers, the silver pops and sets these two spots apart. 

Toward the front of the table, we again have a stack of books.  The stack is surrounded by taper candles in silver candlesticks.  Smaller pillar candles were spaced along the rest of the table edge.  Fill in the left over space with leaves, as shown here, or other items such as feathers, rocks, or flowers. 

Guest Table

Similar to the head table, you’ll see silver taper candles surrounding a small stack of books.  On top of the books however, sits a piece of paper with the table number. We prefer the look and feel of rough cut parchment but anything will do. 

Linen for the guest table includes a 108 in. Round Shantung Silk Tablecloth in Black coupled with  18 in. Shantung Silk Napkins in Charcoal. Replicate this table’s look by folding each napkin over the edge of Silver Bead Clear Glass Chargers. 

How will you celebrate National Book Lover’s Day? Tell us at or leave us a message on Facebook!

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