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July 2, 2020

July Staff Profile: Ann

It’s time again for our monthly Staff Profile!  Today we’re taking a look at a branch of LinenTablecloth.  Did you know that LinenTablecloth also sells products on Etsy and eBay? Heading up our sale channels is Ann. See some of her favorite hobbies and interests below!  She specifically requested the month of July for the flowers that bloom. 

Q: What is Your Favorite Skittle Flavor?

A: I don’t like Skittles actually; I mixed them up with M&Ms when I was little and got a bad impression.

Q: Do You Have Any Hobbies?

A: Pingpong, Badminton

Q: If You Could Morph Into Any Animal, What Would It Be & Why?

A: I’d change into a dog.  Dogs are so cute and very emotional.

Q: What Show are You Currently Watching? 

A: Sometimes I watch a Chinese reality show called Infinity Challenge.  It’s the fifth season now and I have been obsessed with it since the first season.  It brings me happiness when I live alone in another country. It brings positive energy. 

Q: You Have to be One Age for the Rest of your Life. How Old are You? Why?

A: I would be 18 years old forever! In that summer after finishing high school, I didn’t need to worry about studying or a job.  I just played around with my friends. 

Q: What is Your Favorite Memory from Working at LinenTablecloth?

A: I’m honored to be a member of the LinenTablecloth family! It’s my first official job and I was so excited and nervous about if I can do it well. I like how people help each other no matter if it’s during work or after.  I also like having cake for everyone’s birthday-that’s cool.

Q: What is Your Favorite LinenTablecloth Product and Why?

A: I’ve been longing for an LED backdrop for a long time because I think it would look fantastic hanging on one side of my bedroom wall.  The light is adjustable and it forms a very warm and cozy atmosphere during the night. I haven’t gotten a chance to buy it though; I always forget. 

That does it for our July 2019 Staff Profile on Ann! As always, we welcome questions submissions and suggestions. Staff Profiles go live every third Friday of the month. Check back to see who we feature next time!

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