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January 24, 2020

June 2019 Mood Board

June is the first real month of summer. Sunshine, barbecues, and the warm fragrance of flowers on the wind.  Commemorate all the feelings of June with this lively Mood Board we’ll show you how to make!


You’ll only find warm colors here!  Form the base of your tablescape with a bright red satin tablecloth.  We used a 108 in. Round Satin Tablecloth Red here. Satin provides a sheen to the table that catches light and further makes your table pop.

Create the fold for the 20 in. Polyester Napkins in Orange by following the next few steps. Place the napkin seam side up.  Rotate so that it creates a diamond and then fold that in half upwards to create a triangle. Start at the bottom and fold/roll the bottom in increments of about an inch over each other.  Continue until you reach the top napkin and you have a long, skinny, almost rectangular shape. You should also see lines from the folded over hem, this is completely normal. Fold the rolled up napkin in half so that one end consists of the “folded” bottom.  The other end should still just be the two ends of the napkin. Take those two “loose” ends and fold them under. Make sure to not fold the ends to a point where they poke out from the other folded end. The end result should be a tight little rectangular shape about 6-7 inches long.  For this fold, we do recommend using a napkin ring to keep the shape intact. We used Gold Coil Napkin Rings. Another route is to iron it down to make the fold stick.


Bringing all of our colors together you’ll find a centerpiece made of 30 in. Coneflowers in Ivory, Gold, and Red, as well as 8 in. Artificial Sedum Flowers in Orange.  Pearls and gold confetti fill the vase which contains the flowers. You can find both at your local dollar or department store.


Representing the June sun, we utilized our 13 in. Mehendi Gold Charger Plates. Not only do the plates have a bright gold pattern over beautiful glass, they also contain an enchanting scroll-work design similar to dazzling sunlight.  Matching pieces from our 50 Piece Curved Gold Silverware Set were placed on either side of the chargers.

What did you think of June 2019’s Mood Board?  Send your comments and pictures of your own tables to our Facebook or Instagram page.  You could be featured!

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