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August 21, 2019

May 2019 Mood Board

May is here, and already halfway over!  Spring flowers, warmer weather, all the good vibes have just begun as those summer winds start to draw near.  For our May 2019 Mood Board we’ve tried to capture all the best parts of the month with warm colors and bright flowers.  Check out how we went about creating it!


Similar to the deep pink of cherry blossoms and tulips, we used a 108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth in Strawberry Ice.  In contrast to our soft tablecloth, we used deep shades of 20 in. Polyester Napkins in Caribbean and Navy Blue.

Create the look of these napkins by folding the napkin into a triangular shape so it’s folded in half.  Pull the folded napkin through a ring, fold first so it comes out in a V shape. Once the napkin is almost halfway through the ring, take the one pointed end of the V and fold it up into the ring.  This will create the square top you see on our May 2019 Mood Board table.

Our runner is actually three (3) 14 in. Organza Table Runners.  In conjunction with the strawberry ice, caribbean, and navy blue found in our palette, the three (3) were braided together.  These runners are 108 in. long, so if you decide to go this route we suggest putting the ends under something heavy; table legs as well as books work great.  Braid from the other end up for the best results.


Scattered throughout our makeshift runner are the heads of white cherry blossoms we picked off of our 39 in. White Silk Cherry Blossom.  These were also added around the chargers and blank spaces of the table to tone down the negative pink space from the tablecloth. You’ll also find individual peonies from our 10 in. Silk Peony Bouquets in Pink.  Sapphire Blue Peruvian Lilies were placed under these peonies so the heads popped out from underneath. You’ll also see them on the left hand side of each charger, slightly above the dinner forks. Lighting up the runner with a warm glow are candles inside of Gold Renaissance Votives.


Encasing our 20 in. Polyester Napkins are Gold Grain Napkin Rings.  The gold bands match our Gold Rimmed Round Glass Charger Plates which come in packs of four.  Sets from our 50 Piece Curved Silverware in Gold were used to also match the gold found in the napkin rings and chargers.  Finishing off our place settings are Gold Rimmed Optic Water Goblets.

Show us your renditions of the May 2019 Mood Board by sending us pictures of your tables.  Tag us on Instagram or Twitter or you can also send us a message on Facebook with the photo attached!

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