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July 8, 2020

Memorial Day Last Minute Decor Pieces!

This Monday is Memorial Day!  If you’re like me and generally leave things until the last minute, you could still be scrambling to find the perfect decorations for your barbecue or other Memorial Day celebration.  We’ve found three (3) great pieces that can be made in a matter of minutes and provided the steps below!

Flower Buckets

You can never go wrong with flowers.  Whether they’re real or made of realistic silk, flowers come in a plethora of colors and sizes.  While we’ve chosen to use a white bucket for our centerpiece, vases or other buckets and containers will also work. For this project you’ll need the following:

  • (1) Container/Bucket
  • Ribbon (length will vary depending on the size of your container)
  • Two Sided Tape
  • Flowers (preferably red, white, and blue)

The following steps are specifically to replicate our piece.  Feel free to switch things up to suit your style!

Make sure your container is clean inside and out.  If you choose to use real flowers, adding a bit of water can help keep them from drooping in the hot sun.  Cut your flowers to the necessary length to fill the bucket. We used red carnations and white daisies since our tablecloth was blue.

Once you’ve arranged your flowers inside the pail, cut off a good length of ribbon.  You’ll be tying the ribbon around your container, so be sure you have enough to tie the ribbon in a bow. You can either place the tape on the ribbon before you tie it around the bucket or after.  Putting it on after may be easier as you can adjust the height of the ribbon on the bucket before securing it with the tape. Add little, or large, flags to the inside for a patriotic touch!

Colored Vases

Remember, these are quick and easy projects. When we say colored vases, we don’t mean painting the outside.  To obtain the look below you’ll need:

  • Mason Jars or Other Clear Vases
  • Water
  • Blue and Red Food Coloring
  • Flowers

Fill up your jar with water, full or halfway, that’s completely up to you.  Take one of the food colorings and add 2-4 drops inside the water. The number of drops required will vary based on how much water you used and the size of the jar. With another jar, take the other food coloring and repeat the steps above.  Repeat these steps if you have more than two jars for an alternating pattern. Place a few flowers at the top of each jar and you’re done. You can also trade out the flowers for floating candles.

Patriotic Tealights

You can find multi-colored tea lights at just about every department store. Use the following materials to create perhaps the easiest of decorations from our list:

Ideal for dessert tables, scatter the tealights throughout the table.  Small votives can protect your candles from the wind and keep them burning.  If you’re worried about one tipping over and ruining the table or tablecloth, add a plate underneath a cluster of tealights. Most tealights last about four (4) hours, so depending on your party length, they should last most of the party.

On the end of one or both of the table corners, place a tall container for sparklers.  You can also use flags if you don’t want people lighting random sparklers. That’s pretty much it for this piece; you can add desserts or other food items on the table for guests to snack on if you feel nice 😉

What Memorial Day decorations have you used?  Send us pictures or leave us a comment on our social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook!

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