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March 4, 2021

Memorial Day Table Themes

This Memorial Day, if you want your table to be extraordinary, you have to step away from the usual checkered table linens or plastic table covers. Hanging out on Pinterest boards will give you a checkered tablecloth overload. The idea makes perfect sense though. Linens with checked or plaid designs come in red and white, or blue and white. So you have two of the three colors taken care of and you know it will match the theme. Some tablecloths are even red, white, and blue! The thing is, will your table stand out? Who made these rules? The most important question is, why follow the trend when you can create your own and have a table presentation that is amazingly noticeable?


Memorial Day Red Tablecloth White Table RunnerIt’s all in the details. This Memorial Day tablescape eschews the standard checkered tablecloth (source: luncheonsatthejunction)

In this case, sophistication lies not in tablecloths with patterns but in the elegant ensemble of choice of table linens and stylish coordination of color. Hints of Memorial Day’s colors (red, blue and white) can be achieved by using a creative play on other table elements such as colored cloth napkins, checkered napkins, table runners, candles, strips of ribbon, etc.


Memorial Day White Tablecloth Royal Blue RunnerSophistication in simplicity, a shortened royal blue table runner brings elegance to this red, white and blue tablescape (source: KathewithanE)

Now, while the traditional looks are great, sometimes you want to make your event a little bit more personal, unique, and innovative. So, in that vein, I challenge all the tablescapers out there to try to come up with a table setting that doesn’t use the checkered tablecloth! Something as little as the pattern (or lack of) will definitely make your Memorial Day decorations more memorable.


Memorial Day White Round TableclothAn white round tablecloth with blue accents and a touch of red makes this table clean and inviting (source: Pinterest)

Try using a solid colored red, white, or blue tablecloth as your base. A solid color allows you more versatility when it comes to adding accents and flatware, and might even allow you to be a bit more adventurous. Using a plain white tablecloth, you wouldn’t have to worry about going overboard with red, and using a solid red or blue tablecloth will let you use more whites.


Memorial Day Tablecloths RibbonsSome simple, yet unique ideas for your Memorial Day (sources: goodhousekeeping, left. elizabethannedesigns, right)

Not content with just a solid colored tablecloth? Well, there is always the handy table runner, an easy way to add more color, texture and layers to your tablescape. But, there are more ways to achieve a similar effect! Use strips of ribbon to create a weaved pattern, or run them along the tablecloth to make stripes. Ribbons are such a great way to add more color to the table without relying on the checkered pattern!

 Memorial Day Navy Blue TableclothThis immaculate tablescape uses a navy blue tablecloth as an overlay. The addition of gold flatware makes this theme regal (source: tabletwentyone)

So, let’s try to make this Memorial Day just a bit more memorable and use a new tablecloth! Stay away from the standard checkered linens and show us a new way to present the red, white and blue. Stand out from the crowd and create something that is not just celebrating our heroes, but also speaks personally to them! Create a Memorial Day table that your family and friends will not want to forget about.

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  1. You made some EXCELLENT points here, Ben! First, I think it’s important to remember as you said that it’s important to make the gathering memorable. Memorable often means “something a little different.” You give really good examples, especially with your tip on using one color of cloth to play up another color of accessories. Love that! Absolutely love it!

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