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July 25, 2021

Mutt of Honor

Deciding whether or not to incorporate your best friend in your fancy, sophisticated wedding affair can be a difficult decision to make if your best friend thrives on barking at strangers and urinating on public property. In an article by CNN, celebrity wedding planner Mind Weiss said that a couple’s pet is usually, “…the first time the couple has shared a living thing.” When a couple raises a dog together, it’s kind of like raising a child.  So, when planning a wedding, many couples naturally want to include their furry, slobbering child in the wedding ceremony and/or reception.

How can you include your dog in the wedding? There are tons of ways! To start, you should probably ask yourself if your dog can behave him/herself in front of a large group of people. It would be absolutely amazing if your lovable pup could walk you down the aisle in a doggy tuxedo, but if there’s a chance your dog will suddenly start barking at the flower girl, it might be best to keep Fido away from the ceremony. If you’re lucky enough to have a calm pooch that will behave him/herself, then why not have your pup fetch you the wedding ring?


dog ring bearer wedding inspiration
“Good boy. Now, come on, drop it…”


A doggy ring bearer is an adorable idea, but a dog that well-behaved is hard to come by. Besides, it’s one thing to trust your dog to keep quiet throughout the ceremony, but trusting your dog to carry the $3,000 ring that symbolizes your spouse’s unconditional love for you is an entirely different ballgame. If you want your dog to be included in the ceremony but you don’t trust him/her to actually play a role in the wedding, there is an easy solution! Dress your pup in the classiest of doggy attire, and have him/her just sit still looking adorable.


dog in wedding suit
“Wow, their dog is so well mannered. I hear he even tied his own tie.”


Dressing your dog in a suit or dress is an idea that is both hilarious and cute, but it’s very likely your dog does not do so well in public–most dogs can’t even stand wearing adorable costumes for a few hours of trick-or-treating, let alone a full wedding ceremony and reception. But you don’t even need to physically bring your dog to the wedding in order to involve your pup in the big day. Try having your best canine friend tag along to the engagement or STD (save the date) photo shoot!


Save the date | Pet-inspired


Featuring your dog in an engagement or save the date shoot is great for relatively well behaved dogs. With a photo shoot, you eliminate the possibility of your pooch making guests uncomfortable by barking or finding an inappropriate place to relieve him/herself (which, at a wedding, is just about anywhere). If your dog is unable to handle any of the suggestions listed above, there is another way to pay tribute to the fluffy creature that is essentially your and your spouse’s adopted child.


Dog cake topper
“I now pronounce you man and wife…and dog.”


Whether you would like to use a dog cake topper or maybe serve cake that is shaped like your dog, it’s very easy to honor your best friend by including him/her in the dessert spread. And hey, if nothing else, I’m sure bringing home a leftover T-bone steak is a nice enough gesture that will allow your dog to forgive you for failing to send him/her a wedding invitation–if not, I hear dogs have short-term memory anyway.


Want to include your cat in the wedding? Good luck with that. If you did bring your cat to the wedding, please send pictures to Also, check out this hilarious blog called brides throwing cats.



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