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November 17, 2019

Nautical Inspired Tablescape

A coastal saltwater-scented breeze, warm sand between the toes, the sounds of waves crashing, and seagulls cawing- the the inspiration behind our nautical-inspired tablescape.

Even if you’re not planning an ocean-side wedding ceremony, a picnic on the beach, or own a summer beach home or coastal cafe, you don’t have to actually be on the beach to enjoy this look. Transform your dining room or patio into a cozy seaside setting and every day can be a day at the beach!


Starting with our sharp Navy Blue and White Stripes Cotton Tablecloth, we added a DIY backdrop, constructing netting from rope and jute twine and created a hand-drawn anchor on our .


There are no rules when it comes to nautical inspiration, use accents that remind you of the sea- shells, starfish, sand-filled bottles, lighthouses, lanterns, anchors……nautical_4

Sail away with this charming napkin fold using our  Navy Blue and White Stripes Napkin and our   in the background.

 Wood Cookies create height and contrast, while shells and white flowers add character.


 alongside a twine-wrapped vase.


Square Glass Vase filled with sand & a white silk hydrangea.


Square Glass Vase filled with sand & shells alongside a twine-wrapped vase and a  filled with silk flowers.




Our   creates a color contrast and focal point. Our  are perfect for holding silverware


Tell us what you think of our striking blue and white nautical inspired table and please share your ideas below!

Tablescape & DIY Design: Olivia Finley/Caitlin Mitchell | Photography & Graphics: Olivia Finley | Content: Jamie Burdett

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