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June 17, 2021

Our 8 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2014

 As 2014 comes to a close and we get ready to welcome a new year of emerging trends and stylish looks (be on the lookout for an upcoming post for our 2015 trend predictions!), there’s no better time to revisit our favorite wedding trends from the past year. Of all the amazing styles we’ve seen blossom in 2014, we’ve managed to compile a list of 8 of our all time favorites.


Wedding Chicks | Ruffled | Southern Weddings

We’ve seen a lot of brides embrace the outdoor rustic charm of the countryside this year, and we wholeheartedly approved. Large hay bales were covered with long runners or blankets for inexpensive and creative guest seating, and cute hay bale accents found their way to tables. The barn yard appeal is so cute, that it might just stick around! Some chose to let wood tables showcase their natural beauty, while others embraced the return of natural fiber materials like burlap for tablecloths, napkins, runners and more.

Accents for these weddings were creative and charming, we saw imaginative uses for mason jars, like candles, vases, and drinking glasses. Other rural accents brought touches of memorable charm like galvanized steel buckets full of bright wildflowers or DIY centerpieces that used wood cookies, spanish moss, straw, candlelight and pine cones. We fell in love with the idea of a help yourself ice tea and lemonade bar, for a bit of southern style and hospitality. These accents really made the look homey and comforting, with a simplistic romantic style that clearly charmed many 2014 brides.


Style Me Pretty | One Fab Day | The Frosted Petticoat

Another outdoor trend we immediately loved was the relaxed Boho chic theme that used gentle pastels of pink, purples, and white mixed with a DIY vintage look to create truly whimsical romance. These weddings are characterized by loose flowing fabrics that are often sheer, like lace or chiffon, and draped delicately around the venue for an airy romantic setting. We adored the creative table settings, long wooden tables set minimally with a long runner, goblets or wine glasses in various colors, and simple place settings that kept the atmosphere communal and comfortable.

These woodland weddings feature folk-inspired decor that is vintage with a modern appeal. You were sure to see mismatched items with a eclectic and yet harmonious feel, showcasing a found beauty appeal. The best part of this theme is the freedom to re-purpose vintage items like glass bottles, wagon wheels, lanterns and more to create DIY decor that developed the look of whimsy customized to each couple’s particular tastes.


Her Campus | Mod Wedding | Burnetts Boards

We had to include the glittering sparkle of weddings that aimed for a more glamorous feel; the shine of sequins and beautiful feminine color palettes was a wedding trend that shone with a beautiful, memorable elegance. These weddings highlighted colors of rich gold, blush pinks, and soft champagne, accented with whites and other complimentary shades of pink. We’ve seen the return of sequins this year, and we think they’re here to stay (look for our new sequin tablecloths soon!), their shine often muted by soft pinks, golds, silvers, and whites that take the glitzy appeal to a new level of elegance.

Gold glitter stole the show when it came to accents, and we saw bride’s using it in a lot of beautiful creative ways. Making glitter votives, vases, and champagne or wine glasses is an easy and inexpensive DIY project that looks rich and elegant. We even saw the glitter on champagne bottles that brought unexpected sparkle to the look of glitz and glam on any table. Floating candles and tall vases brought height and glamour to tablescapes and centerpieces, and we loved the return of classic roses in this theme.

bouquetalternativesbannerBuzzfeed | RockNRoll Bride | Green Wedding Shoes

Another trend we saw this year were unconventional, yet stunning bouquets, for both the bride and bridal party. Wildflowers with accents of pine cones or natural pine sprigs, or bouquets with peonies, lilies, succulents, and even starfish graced wedding aisles with their non-traditional beauty. Some brides used strands of pearls and beads, or wheat bound together with natural burlap or lace ribbon that created an unexpected elegant look.

We even saw brides forgoing bouquets all together and instead carrying simple lanterns, filled with twinkling fairy lights or candles, or choosing to have their bridesmaids carry parasols for a simplistic and vintage charm.


Intimate Weddings | Something Turquoise | Wedding Chicks

This years bride’s didn’t stop with bouquets when it came to truly creative spins on wedding traditions. We said goodbye to the traditional wedding cake at many weddings and instead saw unique cake-shaped displays of bite-size or finger foods. Cupcakes have been around, and they definitely are still a trendy option to forgo a tiered cake, especially with so many adorable cupcake displays available. As an option that is still technically cake, we saw cake pops, displayed on gorgeous cake stands, stacked high, and easy for guests to enjoy.

We absolutely adored those who took the chance to really move away from cake and frosting by using brightly colored, and delicious macaroons. They can be made in colors that fit any palette and they’re a fun to eat. If these desserts don’t grab your taste buds, go with a classic favorite dessert like cookies, like one bride did above. With fun colored goodie bags for guests to use, a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s cookie craving, all you need is a glass of milk and a straw, and you’ve got a fun and unique alternative to a traditional cake.


Love My Dress | Refinery 29 | Ruffled

These bold illuminated letters graced the scene of many wedding photo shoots this year. They’re a striking and beautiful way to showcase the union of two people, and they definitely make for a memorable picture. They come in a variety of sizes, for either table top, hanging, or large display.

For those who love this like we do, but are looking for a DIY option, we saw brides getting creative and using painted cardboard or wood, and stringing their own lights through them, for a homemade but still beautiful alternative.


Brit + Co. | FashionsyEtsy

Every year brings us new options for wedding dresses, and this year we’ve seen a lot of lace. These dresses are only a few examples of the modern influence on vintage lace gowns we’ve seen. Delicate clinging sleeves, sheer lace backs, and all over lace detailing are exquisite and intricate re-imaginings of the fuller, sleeved gowns that were popular in past decades. This meant a rebirth of lace accents, veils, and decor as well, and the vintage birdcage veil was a popular wedding trend for many lace-loving brides.

Bridesmaids gained a little more liberty this year too, as brides seemed to let go of the traditional matching dresses for their bridal parties. The mismatched look allowed bridesmaids to demonstrate their individuality, while sticking to one of the many varied uniting elements brides chose. We saw dresses in different colors but uniform cuts, or different patterns with one unifying color, or even a rainbow effect by having each girl in a different color all together. As long as there was one factor tying the ladies together, the effect was stunning and unique.

diydecorandfavorsWedding O Mania | Style Me Pretty | Ruffled

And finally, if you’ve seen our other blogs, you already know how much we adore a good DIY project, and brides were creative and thrifty this year when it came to bringing personal touches to decor and favors. Mason jars appear again (a trend in itself!) as a cute way to gift guests with either homemade recipes, jellies, popcorn, or treats. Small succulents are cute, and succulent candles are even cuter and a fun addition to any favor. We saw goodie bags filled with delicious treats and boxes with sweet surprises.

Wood cookies show their diversity in lots of ways, as hanging decor on wedding aisles, accents to centerpieces, or even as cute ways to label table numbers.  Votives are easy to decorate and brides were creative in adding elegant touches that matched their color palettes. The fun projects we saw executed beautifully inspired us all year long, and we’re sure the next year will bring more creative decor to kindle more fun ideas.

We hope you enjoyed revisiting 2014’s wedding trends as much as we did, and be on the lookout for our 2015 predictions as the New year begins. Let us know what you’re favorites were, and leave a comment below!

 Graphics, Design, & Content: Olivia | Writing & Content: Mikayla

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  1. I really like the DIY decor and favors that have been so popular lately. I think that a simple linen tablecloth with fun little decorations like the plants in your picture is a great way to decorate. I have been to a lot of weddings in the last few years, and I have seen some awesomely unique DIY decorations.

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