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May 29, 2020

Party Rentals: Why Buying Your Table Linens is a Cheaper Option

Party Rentals

If you’re like the average customer shopping for party supplies, it’s likely you would naturally assume that renting any type of party supplies would be a much cheaper option than buying. After all, you’re only planning for a single day, right? Of course, it absolutely does make sense to rent expensive equipment like popcorn machines and bouncy castles, but you should think twice about renting those tablecloths and chair covers. Why? The difference between buying and renting tablecloths is so significant that you can likely upgrade the quality of food or entertainment at your event with the money you save.

This photo was taken by a real LinenTablecloth customer who clearly has an eye for style!

Buying Table Linens is a Cheaper Option

There really is no comparison: buying your table linens is a much cheaper option than party rentals. Renting your tablecloths, chair covers, and table runners costs an average of 50%-100% more than buying your table linens from LinenTablecloth. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, does it? Why should you pay more for something that you return at the end of the day than something that’s yours to keep? It’s simple: linen rental companies have to not only transport the linens to your event but also launder your used linens for the next customer. Another reason is that companies like LinenTablecloth just weren’t around in the past to compete with rental companies. At LinenTablecloth, we manufacture our own products and can therefore sell our linens at the best possible price for our customers.

Another photo from a LinenTablecloth customer. Can you tell the difference between rental linens and purchased linens? Probably not, it’s all about how you use your linens!

Pros and Cons of Buying Table Linens


  • The cost of buying table linens is far cheaper than party rentals. Some rental companies charge as much as 3x more for a tablecloth than LinenTablecloth.
  • The quality of LinenTablecloth table linens are often higher than rental linens. Don’t just take my word for it, check for the GSM before you rent.
  • Your linens will be brand new. Have you thought about how many people have eaten on your linen rental before you? It’s worrisome.
  • The table linens are 100% yours! Planning another event in the future? Machine wash your linens and you’re good to go!
  • Get a return on your investment by selling your used table linens on Craigslist or Ebay. Feeling generous? Donate them to your church, school, or local charity organization for fundraisers!
  • If your table linens are delivered to you the day of your event in a less than favorable condition, you won’t have time to find an alternative option. If you buy them in advanced, you can always return your table linens with LinenTablecloth’s forgiving return policy.
  • Buying table linens means you have complete control over the size and colors of your linens. With 28+ colors and tons of different sizes to choose from, LinenTablecloth offers more linen options than most rental companies. Don’t like the linens you bought? You can return or exchange them!


You can make a tablescape this beautiful with LinenTablecloth linens and a little bit of creativity!


  • You’ll have to launder your table linens if you want to use them again.
  • Table linens take up storage space in your home.

What can I do with my purchased table linens after the big day?

When most people learn about the service LinenTablecloth offers, the first question we generally hear is “What the heck do I do with my table linens after the big day?” There are many ways to constructively use your table linens after the event has passed. As mentioned earlier, you can either sell your used tablecloths, chair covers, and table runners or donate them to a family member, religious organization, or charity. If you love DIY crafts, you can use tablecloth fabric to make tree skirts, curtains, or any other kind of creative project. Regardless of what you choose to do with your table linens after the event, the money saved by buying your table linens is often a compelling enough reason to buy because, as it turns out, people like saving money!


Do you think it makes more sense to buy or rent your event linens? Leave us a comment in the box below!


Credits: All tablescape photos were captured by real LinenTablecloth customers and can be viewed on our Pinterest boards, real wedding photos from LinenTablecloth brides & LinenTablecloth customer photos || No sew tablecloth curtains by Daisy Mae Belle




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11 Replies to “Party Rentals: Why Buying Your Table Linens is a Cheaper Option”

  1. I think it is TOTALLY more cost-effective to purchase rather than rent linens!!! Whether you’re a penny-pinching worry wart like me who doesn’t want to fork over unnecessary dough for mediocre stuff (and that’s just what a lot of rentals are due to wear & tear or mismatched coloring because they’re not from the same batch!) or just someone who wants quality represented at his/her event, I think buying is the way to go. LTC has a really great selection or SO MANY colors and now so many fun and exciting styles…you can’t go wrong! You guys’ new chair covers: SUBLIME!!! Lovin’ ’em!!! From contemporary chic to traditional, LTC has ’em all! I do a lot of different entertaining for different groups of guests, and I like the idea of having such a wide variety of tablecloths, napkins and chair covers to make the dining experience a great one! Plus, I hate being at the mercy of rental companies. MAYBE they’ll deliver them on time…maybe they won’t. It is almost never convenient to have to wait around for the rental truck to show up, and as you pointed out, if something is amiss, there might not be time to correct it!

    Buy, buy, buy! Buy, buy, buy!!! 🙂

  2. I actually had no idea that buying linen tablecloths is so much cheaper than renting it. My sister will probably be thrilled to hear about this, since she’s in the process of planning her wedding. We’ll have to figure out what to do with all of the tablecloths afterwards, but I’m sure she’d love to put the extra money towards other things.

  3. I had no idea that buying your table linens could actually be a cheaper option. I am always a fan of buying and owning something if the price is competitive. I also love the idea of making curtains, or some other DIY project with them. I know my wife would definitely do that.

  4. Are you KIDDING ME!! Have you ever tried to wash and hold 120 table lines? RENT THEM put them in a bag and ship them back!! It’s not worth the pennies you will save.

  5. Honestly, I’d prefer to rent if it was a little cheaper. It is more Eco Friendly to rent and let them be reused. We are such a wasteful country, we buy buy buy, then throw away. However, renting on this site is the same price as buying new. Faced with that, I will try my best to resell or find some DIY crafts. I looked at the blog, and not much of that seems useful for me. But I am crafty, so I might think of something.

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thank you for the comment. Usually, our linens are about 35%-45% less expensive to rent than purchase. However, we are currently running our site wide sale that voids this deficit. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that we will be able to help you find your rental in the future! Have a great day!

  6. I bought my table linens and definitely saved much more money than renting from a party planner I looked into in my area. With the amount I would have spent renting only chair covers I was able to purchase all my linens for my event. After my event, I washed and dried and stored away all my linens. Im selling them on ebay or I will rent them. Either way it pays to purchase them from Linen Tablecloth and another plus is the quality of the linens! I was definitely happy to purchase.

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