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September 27, 2020

Pastel Wedding Inspiration

Building a wedding palette around soft and delicate pastel colors is a trend that’s becoming more and more prevalent. These pale shades of pinks, yellows, blues, greens, and purples are calm and inviting, gentle yet alluring, and make for great tablescape color foundations. Subtle and modern, pastel colors dominate the vintage wedding theme that we have seen cropping up on wedding blogs across the web. Vintage style weddings present guests with a modernist sophistication they won’t soon forget, and leave guests yearning for a time of fashionable dinner parties and unabashed beauty–namely Paris circa 1960.

Pastel Color Wedding Inspiration

LinenTablecloth blog pastel color wedding inspiration


With pastel colors, mixing and matching has never been simpler. Pale pinks, yellows, and blues are commonly integrated together to form the big, colorful mosaic that is the pastel wedding. Dessert tables filled with boundless plates of decadent and colorful macarons match pastel tablescapes effortlessly, and prove that, although varying, the spectrum of pastel colors makes a cohesive and tasteful color palette.


LinenTablecloth blog pastel color wedding inspiration

What’s the best part of choosing pastels as your wedding colors? Finding fun décor to match, of course! It’s easy to find pastel colored tea cups, Chinese lanterns, and flowers within the pastel color palette! Try laying a white or ivory tablecloth as the foundation of your tablescape, and then use multicolored pastel napkins, placemats, and décor so the array of delicate colors can complement each other. Soft and subtle, pastels make color coordination a breeze, and offers a tasteful aesthetic your wedding guests will talk about for years to come!



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8 Replies to “Pastel Wedding Inspiration”

  1. Hi, Dan, and welcome aboard! I tried to leave a comment on another post, but it flew out the window or out into the atmosphere somewhere!!! At any rate, welcome to LTC! I look forward to reading your posts. I love working with LTC to build tablescapes that guests and clients love.

    I love the photos you chose for this post as well as those for the “officially autumn” post! That one hit the nail on the head about layering. I’m ALL about the layering!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome aboard, and have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Alycia!
      Thank you for the warm welcome and compliments! It’s great to be on the LTC team and I think you are going to love our new products that will be available in the near future! Have a great weekend and I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog!

  2. I believe the stretch black & white chair colors are unique & would be a hit. The satin overlay I’m not a huge fan of. The satin border seems too wide & the gold embroidery makes it look dirty. I ABSOLUTELY love the rosette chair covers & table runner!!!! I wish you had these when I had my wedding! I think this combo will be a huge hit! The crinkly red tablecloth (forgot the name of it), I think would be a nice addition to the variety/effect that people are looking for!! Another good idea!

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