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August 26, 2019

Pi Day 2019

Arguably one of the greatest desserts ever created, Pi Day is a day to celebrate the mathematical conundrum that is pi as well as eat pie. Celebrate this wonderful holiday by creating a tablescape with round objects and, of course, pie.  If you’re throwing your own Pi Day bash, or just like the tablescape, read on for an inside look at how it was made.


Dark shades were used in this palette in order for the pie and centerpiece flowers to better stand out.  You need pi to figure out the area and circumference of a circle, so rounds and circular items were used as much as possible. To create a perfect replication of this tablescape, use a 108 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth in Navy.  Napkins are folded vertically on the plate. Tuck the napkin ends under the charger. 18 in. Shantung Silk Napkins in Purple were used in order to get a deeper, more rich purple and to add some texture to the setting.


You can’t have pi day without a pie. Place a large pie on top of a cake stand. While we chose apple, obviously any pie will do.  The stand adds height to the table as well as draws in wandering eyes. Scatter flowers around the base of the stand to hide it.  Hiding the base with flowers allows you to add more color to the tablescape. Place votives around the centerpiece to add light to the table.  Both flowers and votives draw the eye to the centerpiece while providing balance. It also takes up extra negative space. A single sunflower head was placed on top of  the napkin to break up the dark color of the napkins and tablecloth.


Silver Beaded Glass Chargers were used to match our cake stand.  The clear charger means you can see our navy tablecloth underneath, bringing out another layer of color to the place setting. Found on either side of our charger are four out of the 5-Piece Basic Curved Silverware Set Silver. No glasses are present on the table as that would take away from the height and focus-the pie.

Find this tablescape and other inspirational images on our pinterest and gallery!  

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