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June 4, 2020

Pineapple Summer Bouquets

Summer is here and 4th of July is right around the corner!  If you’re looking for something unique to spice up your summer wedding, event or 4th of July Party try these fun pineapple vases.

You Will Need:



Cutting Board

Spoon or Ice Cream Scoop

Small Mason Jar or Plastic Cup(s)


Bowl for Fruit Remains

Silk Flowers, Or Real Ones


Step One

With your pineapple on the cutting board, carefully cut off the top.  You won’t be needing the top later, so you can discard.

Step Two

Using a spoon or ice cream scoop, remove the insides of the pineapple.  Make sure to leave enough on the sides so you have a solid “wall” to form the vase.  This step should be similar to pumpkin carving.

Step Three

Place the plastic cup inside of the pineapple. This will serve as the actual container for the centerpiece.  If you’re working with a smaller pineapple, you may need to cut the cup down with scissors.

When using real flowers as opposed to silk, remember to add a little bit of water to the cup.

Step Four

After placing the cup inside the hollowed out fruit, you can start arranging flowers within the cup.  If you’re working with taller flowers, you again may find it necessary to cut the stems to fit within the vase you created.  

We recommend working with shorter flowers for this project. Taller flowers tend to bow over the vase and fall out.  If you use silk flowers, you can also bend the stems to make it fit the vase.

Step Five

Eat the delicious inside pieces you removed in step two while enjoying your marvelous floral arrangement.

Placed on your event tables, these vases can add color and distinctive personality to your overall venue.  With big enough fruit, like watermelon and pumpkins, you can replicate the steps for various color schemes and floral arrangements.

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