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November 20, 2019

Pinecones as Winter Event Decor

Events are expensive.  Wintertime florals can be even more so.  Consider pinecones if you’re trying to find a way to incorporate natural elements into your event without spending an arm or a leg. Whether you use them as an accent or as the main centerpiece, pinecones are an easy alternative to flowers.  


The benefits to using pinecones are many. The biggest however may be that they are free and people are willing to give them to you.  Grab a plastic bag and go to a wooded area then start grabbing ones that catch your fancy. You may even be lucky, or unlucky depending on how you see it, enough that they’re available in your yard.


While I prefer a natural brown color, they are easy  to paint. Around Christmas time, you can also either purchase or create your own silver and gold glitter pinecones.  If you’d rather purchase them already decorated, local craft and department stores will generally sell them in packs of ten to twenty (10-20) for less than ten dollars ($10).


Put on plates singularly or in multiples for easy spots of color and decor.  Colored or white napkins can add to the effect. Use in conjunction with floral and lanterns as centerpieces.  Pine boughs and burlap are great choices for more traditional themes and accents. We’ve used eucalyptus as well, as seen above.


Pinecones also make great name card holders.  In order to use them as such, you can either lean the names alongside the front of the cone or stick the paper directly into it.  For the latter, you’ll need to make sure you have a large pinecone that can support the paper. It’s also helpful if the pinecone is leaning on its side as shown in the photo below.


Unlike flowers, pinecones cannot wilt.  The seeds inside either become trees or they don’t.  When you’re done with your event, flowers that lived for a time and then died are scrapped.  Pinecones can be returned to the forest to become trees or soil. (Please note this is only for pinecones you found in the wild.  Please don’t return store bought items to the forest; they won’t survive.) You can also keep them for ornaments or other home decor.

How will you use pinecones?  Let us know at!

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