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July 17, 2019

Pre-Black Friday Celebration Inspiration

What’s more exciting than Thanksgiving dinner with all your loved ones? All the Pre-Black Friday Sales the day after! Now we’re in no way implying that time spent with loved ones is less important than retail savings.  However, if you’re looking for other reason to break out a fancy tablescape or throw a dinner party then you have to look no further. Read below for specifics on how we constructed our Pre-Black Friday Tablescape.


Unlike the rest of the season,  Black Friday is dominated not by falling leaves and harvest decor, but by shopping.  To keep with that theme we wanted to include elements that inspired glamour and elegance which is why we chose a 120 in. Round Sequin Tablecloth in Black.  While larger payette sequins are fun, as well as very sparkly and glamour approved, we wanted something a bit more refined for this particular tablescape.


In order to match the shine of our sequin tablecloth, we went with Shantung Silk Napkins. Shantung is durable as well as holds a slight sheen.  We matched the napkins to the tablecloth keeping with the “Black” Friday theme. Gold Grain Napkin Rings bring a bit of bright metallic color to the tablescape and keep the napkins in place.



Metallic Brushed Charger Plates bring in that final touch of gold. The partial clear chargers allow for the sequins to show through the back for a spectacular show of black sparkles through glass and gold.  Gold Rimmed Goblets and Cleopatra Silverware complete our serveware.


Tea lights within our birdcage lantern place holders reflected nicely off of the metallic brushed chargers and shed some light for the tablescapes.  Spreading toward the center from the lanterns are white flowers scattered across the center of the table. 19 in. White Silk Hydrangeas arranged in a vase with 10 mm White Pearls and Acrylic Diamonds stand in the very center, the last permanent piece of our Pre-Black Friday tablescape.


Send us pictures of your own Pre-Black Friday celebration at!