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August 21, 2019

Proper Place Setting 101

Not many people have attended events that require you to use all the available forks and spoons. It’s confusing to use, let alone set up such a setting.  That’s why we’ve broken down each utensil and their correct place in a table setting for you for easy and quick set up you can use in a variety of events.

Classic Arrangement

One of the most basic arrangements you can create would be just a fork and a knife on either side of the charger.  Knives go on the right with the sharp side facing the plate. This ensures that your dinner guests don’t cut themselves sitting down. On the other side, place your dinner fork.  The size of this fork will be similar to what you eat with at home with four tines.

Four Piece Arrangement

If you have a choice for desserts, this next step is the standard for full course settings. It includes a salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, and soup spoon. Salad forks are exactly same as dessert forks. However, the exception of their varied use for different courses.  When setting your flatware, remember that it’s set up so that utensils are utilized in the order for which they will be used. We’ve left an example below:

Appetizer: salad fork on the outside left

Soups (also appetizer): soup spoon on the outer right

Main Course: dinner fork on the outer left, dinner knife on the outer right

Full Setting

This is probably the most unique and full setting commonly seen at banquets and weddings.  It includes everything in the four piece arrangement along with the added dessert fork (or teaspoon depending on the dessert) on the top of the settings. Whether you use a fork or spoon for dessert, make sure they’re facing toward the knife with the end facing the dinner and salad forks. This setting can get more complicated with the addition of courses and glasses.  With this in mind, we’ve left a helpful guide that names the items below.

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