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June 17, 2021

Rectangle Tablecloths

Unless you have a couple extra thousand dollars to spend, chances are the rectangular tables you got for your wedding or special event are not that elegant. Rectangle tables are large and bulky, and often look much cheaper than they actually cost. Luckily, LinenTablecloth has got you covered with our rectangle tablecloths! Add that look of sophistication to any long rectangular banquet or wedding table with our high-quality rectangular tablecloths.

White Rectangle Tablecloth With Chocolate Overlay

A white rectangular tablecloth with a chocolate overlay highlights the natural colors of the flora.

Rectangular tables are used more often than not as side tables, desert tables, or head tables for guests of honor rather than ordinary guest tables. With an abundance of sizes, we ensure you can find the right rectangular tablecloth size to get the same drop length as your guest tables to keep your decor uniform and classy. No matter the size of drop you want, we have the size of rectangle tablecloth to achieve it. So, our rectangular tablecloths for weddings and special events will suit your needs perfectly.

White Rectangular Tablecloth Outdoors

A beautiful and elegant vineyard tablescape with a white rectangular tablecloth.

Since LinenTablecloth is the quintessential online linen retailer, we offer restaurant and hotel quality linens with our Ambassador collection. Our ambassador linens are made with a spun-polyester material that lends it a soft cotton-feel texture, along with being slightly sturdier. The rectangular ambassador tablecloths are cut to fit tables more commonly found at restaurants and hotels, which tend to use rectangular tables more prominently than they are used at weddings. These fine rectangle tablecloths also work great at home in the dining room or kitchen.

Black Rectangle Tablecloth on White Rectangle Tablecloth

Layering the black rectangle tablecloths on the white linens really brings sophistication to this room.

Ambassador isn’t the only style of linens that are great for use around the home. Our new Home linens are made specifically for the home (if you couldn’t already tell by the name). The rectangular home tablecloths are cut to fit standard dining table sizes, and most are made with a polyester and cotton blend so they feel soft and luxurious. With a variety of styles and patterns, from shimmering flourishes to simple stripes, our rectangle tablecloths for home use can be matched to any style of home decor.

Sage Rectangular Rose Garden Home Tablecloth

Our rectangular home linens come in a variety of patterns. This one is named Rose Garden.

So, whether it is for a wedding, a restaurant, or just for use around the home, LinenTablecloth has the rectangular tablecloth for you.

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