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September 15, 2019

Winter Wedding Inspiration: Red and Silver

Red and Silver Wedding Inspiration

What’s a color combination that is both perfect for the holidays and positively glamorous? Red and silver! Great things happen when the passion of red meets the glamour of silver. NOTE: red and silver is not for the bashful bride. Red and silver is about as bold a combo as they come. Red dresses, shoes, and lipstick are for the fearless, high-fashion inspired bride. Are you thinking about choosing red and silver for your wedding colors? Rock star brides only, please!

red and silver wedding inspiration board

Do you prefer boldness or glamour? Red is the color of romance and passion, and designing tablescapes with red as a primary color brightens up any venue. Start with red tablecloths and chair covers, using silver chair sashes and napkins as an accent. Table runners and overlays add a final layer of silver to your tablescapes and look especially great in luminous satin.

Red and silver wedding ideas board

 Selecting silver as your primary color creates a more wintry vibe for your tablescape. Any of our table linens in silver satin are sure to shimmer and shine with elegance. Perfect for a glamorous, high-fashion look, silver tablecloths provide great contrast when paired with red accents. Try using red sashes, napkins, and bouquet to bring out that secondary color in a tasteful way.

What do you think of red and silver as wedding colors? Comment in the box below!


Credits: Red and silver inspiration boards pinned here

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