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May 6, 2021

Scalloped Table Skirting DIY Tutorial

Scalloped Table Skirting DIY Tutorial

If you’re like most people, you probably love the look of scalloped tablecloths even if you don’t know what “scalloping” is exactly. I know I didn’t until very recently! So what is scalloping? It’s that elegant SWOOSH you see on dessert and sweetheart tables across wedding blogs and Pinterest. Scalloping a tablecloth looks fancy and difficult, but in reality it’s quite simple! I’ll walk you through the process in just 6 easy steps:

1) Place a regular tablecloth on the table. I like using fitted tablecloths if I’m going to use table skirts, but a regular tablecloth would work just fine. Table skirts only cover the sides of a table, so you definitely need a linen to cover the tabletop.


2) Attach table skirt clips. These are super easy to attach. Simply slide the table skirt clips over the edges of the table, velcro side out.


3) Attach table skirt. Table skirts cover the sides of tables, and they’re perfect for cake, sweetheart, and event station tables. Attach the velcro side of the table skirt to the velcro on the skirt clips.


4) Drape a round tablecloth over the banquet table. Personally, I think satin looks great on a polyester pleated or lace table skirt. For the 6 foot table below, I used a 108 in. round satin tablecloth. See the wrinkles in the photo below? Make sure to iron your linens to avoid them!


5) Pin the tablecloth. Gather the tablecloth at the bottom from the direct center of your rectangular banquet table and lift up, bunching together the cloth to form elegant folds of satin. Then stick a pin through all the folds and make sure the pin is secure and closed.


6) Cover the pin and set your table! Try to tuck the pin underneath the satin tablecloth by simply holding the area with the pin and rolling it under the satin on the tabletop. Set the table with desserts, a guestbook, or whatever else and you’re done! Pretty easy, right?


Did you like our scalloped table skirting DIY tutorial? Let us know in the comment section below!


Featured image from Special Event Rental’s D.I.Y. Head Table Scallop video via Youtube

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