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September 27, 2020

6 Reasons to Should Shop Online this Black Friday

Can you believe we’re almost done with another year? But before the year draws to a close, we’re going to hit the day of retail madness: Black Friday! Even though Black Friday is the day when millions shop for the winter holidays, Black Friday is turning into a holiday in and of itself.

Black Friday line

Retailers offer unmatched savings and consumers certainly pay attention. Whether you’re buying gifts for family and friends or just looking to take advantage of the great prices, Black Friday is the time to do your serious shopping for the year. With online superstores like Amazon and Ebay, many are opting to spend their Black Friday parked in front of their computer screens instead of braving the sprawling crowds. Everyone has heard the horror stories of Black Friday chaos, so let the #1 online tablecloth retailer list 5 reasons you should shop online this Black Friday.


6 Reasons You Should Shop Online This Black Friday

  1. No crowds, no lines, no traffic

You don’t need to fret about finding a parking spot, just park yourself in front of your monitor! There’s nothing worse than trudging through a crowd of deal-crazed shoppers, only to wait on what seems to be an endless line to make your purchase.

Black Friday crowd

Overcrowding in malls can get bad on weekends, but during Black Friday the crowds are absolutely horrendous. Why do so many people opt to be pushed to and fro by a sea of shoppers? Beats me!


  1. Little risk of injury

Everyone has heard the horror stories. People have been trampled, beaten, and even lethally shot. What are the odds of being injured when sitting in front of your computer screen? Little to none–unless you stub your toe on the way there, of course!


  1. You won’t waste gas


Black Friday traffic

Spending money on gas to get you to Black Friday retailers probably won’t hurt your bank account too badly, but why bother wasting the gas at all? Gas is expensive, and you could be spending that money on more Black Friday sales!


  1. Quickly find the products you want

Let’s face it: when it comes to finding the product you want, a sales representative is not nearly as helpful as a search bar. During the madness of Black Friday, products are thrown carelessly on the floor or hidden behind the counter for restocking. It’s a lot easier to find exactly what you want with a few clicks.


Black Friday customer service


  1. Customer reviews

Every business is going to tell you to by their product, but how can you really trust a corporation that sees you as walking, talking money?


Black Friday Business owner

When you shop online, you can base your purchases off customer reviews. Be sure to read customer reviews in order to better evaluate the quality of an item you want to buy. Be a smart shopper, not an impulse buyer!


  1. Easier to back out of transactions

At the end of each purchase, you will see the damage in full and have adequate time to back out of the transaction. When you wait on a line for an hour on Black Friday and realize you’re spending more than you wanted to after all that time, how likely is it that you will turn around and head to another store? There’s no shame of realizing you’ve overdone your shopping and exiting the page because it’s just you and your computer!




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