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August 26, 2019

Skirting 101: a Basic Guide to Table Skirts

Tablecloths are a staple of the linen and event industry. When it comes to important tables like head or cake tables though a simple tablecloth may not cut it.  Adding a table skirt can be a cost effective and elegant alternative. However, if you’ve never dealt with skirting it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out sizing, material, and how to attach the skirt.  Keep reading to find all that out and more!


Before anything else you’ll need to determine what size of table skirt that you need.  In order to efficiently do this you’ll need to know how long your table is as well as how many sides of that table you’re skirting.  Measurements are based off of perimeter. Basically you’ll add the lengths of all the sides you’re measuring. Below we’ve included an example of a standard 6 ft. banquet table if you’re only skirting three sides, that is, the front and two sides, leaving the back open for seating.


Front: 6 ft.  

Side: 2.5 ft. (x2)=5 ft.


11 ft.


You’ll want to attach a bit of skirting at least an inch on the back so that you can’t see any of the table leg on the side, but this formula lets you know you need a 14 ft. Table Skirt.  Skirts are available in the 14, 17, and 21 ft. sizes. If you’re skirting all the way around your table they’d fit standard 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. tables respectively.



LinenTablecloth carries a wide variety of table skirts including tulle, lace, polyester, as well as many more.  You can find our full selection at  You will need a tablecloth to go under the skirting, polyester, satin, or shantung silk are generally the most popular.  60×102 or 60×126 in. are standard but tablecloth sizes can vary based on table size.


Attaching Your Skirt

Most table skirts come with a strip of Velcro along the top backing.  You’ll need to purchase Table Skirt Clips separately to slide onto your table. Each clip has Velcro on it that then attaches to the skirt.  It’s important to measure the width of your table’s edge to see what clip best fits your table before ordering. We recommend one clip per foot of skirting.

If your skirt doesn’t come with Velcro lining you can still use skirt clips it will more than likely utilize a heavy silk string.  You can still use clips and attach the clips to the table, sliding the string underneath. Sliding fabric pins through the string and attaching the skirt directly to the table is another method.

Watch this video for an easy, and adorable, walk through on table skirt attachment.

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