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June 2, 2020

Sophisticated Sparkle Valentine’s Day Tablescape

 We’re enamored with Valentine’s day colors! We have such beautiful colors and products that simply scream romance that we couldn’t resist using our red pintuck overlays to create what we’re thinking of as the Sophisticated Sparkle Valentine’s Day Tablescape.


While our Red Rose Valentine’s day tablescape was rich with reds, its decor had a playful touch. With this design, we opted for simple, refined sophistication. After we had covered a simple white polyester tablecloth with our gorgeous overlay, we chose a classy palette of silver and white to make the red really stand out. Our metallic silver chargers were an ideal choice when topped with simple white plates.

From there we added more red with our napkins, using metallic silver napkin rings to create a faux bow as we tucked the napkin ends between the plate and the charger.


We really wanted to keep the table’s look refined and clean, so we chose a centerpiece that was uncomplicated but would pop against the rest of the table. We used a short square glass vase and filled it with acrylic diamonds, the shine is beautiful and plays off the silver chargers and napkin rings perfectly. Because we wanted to use a shorter glass vase, our red rose flower ball was perfect to mimic roses, without the hassle of hiding the stems. The 12 in. flower ball sits perfectly on top and its shape and color draw the eye.


Accent with a few silver spotted votives to tie the palette all together, and you’ll have a tablescape that is beautiful, sophisticated, and perfect for an elegant romantic dinner.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming sequin tablescape, which one will be your favorite?

Tablescape Design & Pictures: Joey | Graphic Design & Tablescape Design: Olivia | Writing: Mikayla

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