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March 25, 2019

Tablecloth Costume DIY

Halloween is coming and with it lots and lots of parties.  If you arrived too late to the stores or just don’t want to spend seventy dollars on a costume you’ll only wear once, check out some of costume ideas below.  The best part? You’ll need ten dollars, a tablecloth, and some creativity.


Perhaps the most iconic costume on the list, our tablecloth ghost costume is a spin on the sheet ghost of old.  Depending on your height and how long you’d like the costume to go most adults will require a 90 in. Round Tablecloth or a 120 in. Round Tablecloth. Remember this will be over your head so the diameter will actually be half.  If you need to do the math to figure out the exact sizing you need you can take the tablecloth size divided by twelve to get the feet and divide it again by two.


After you’ve figured out the measurements pop the tablecloth over your head, cut out some eye holes and you’re good to go!  We recommend marking the slots for eye holes and then cutting. Just in case.



For those aspiring to be a witchy woman this year we’d recommend a simple black ensemble underneath.  Then grab a 60 x 102 in. Rectangular Tablecloth. Whether you want to be fancy and sew some buttons or just want to tie it in a knot, tablecloths make great capes.  YouTube is a wonderful tool when looking up how to turn a tablecloth into a working cape. You can also easily duct tape some string to the top and then tie the string together if you want to have a college worthy costume.

To complete your All Hallow’s Eve attire, grab some knee high striped socks and a witch hat.  Brooms are optional.


Similar to our witch costume, this easy superhero costume mainly consists of a tablecloth cape.  If you’re going for old school kid in a cape superhero here it is recommended that you just tie the cape instead of being fancy and getting buttons or string.  We’d also suggest adding sunglasses or a cool mask.


If you here Rome calling and can’t resist a good toga, try this simple DIY costume out.  You’ll more than likely need a 90 x 132 in. or 90 x 156 in. Rectangular Tablecloth. Again the steps are similar to what you would encounter with a sheet.  The good news is tablecloths are often thicker than sheets, so there’s that. Take the tablecloth, wrap it up and around you (one shoulder prefered) and safety pin it together.  Adding an old brooch and sandals is a plus.

What do you think of our list?  Did you try our list? If so send us pictures for a chance to be featured on our social media pages.