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July 29, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Tablecloth Sizes

Shopping for tablecloths online  can seem overwhelming–especially when the event date is rapidly approaching and you suddenly realize you don’t have enough time to exchange your linens before the big day. Knowing the correct tablecloth sizes at the event you’re planning, whatever the occasion, is of utmost importance before you place an order. Luckily, it’s very easy to order the perfect tablecloths for your event! All you need to know to properly size your tablecloths is the size of the tables you’re planning to cover. You’ll also need to take into account your own aesthetic taste. Do you like a half, full, or puddle drop? Here are the different tablecloth sizes and drops so you can see for yourself:

In general, a full drop is regarded as a very formal look while the half drop is considered more casual. A puddle drop can be amazingly elegant, depending on the setting and mood you’re trying to convey. Now that you know what aesthetic appeals to you, let’s take a look at the specific measurements for tablecloth sizes based on table sizes. All of the following measurements assume that round, square, and rectangular (or oblong) tables measure 30 in. in height. Want to size your tablecloths the easy way? Try our free tablecloth sizing tool.

Tablecloth Sizes for Round Tables

Half Drop:


36 in. Round Table (Seats 2-4 Guests)–>70 in. Round Tablecloth

42 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>70 in. Round Tablecloth

48 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>76 in. Round Tablecloth

54 in. Round Table (Seats 6-8 Guests)–>90 in. Round Tablecloth

60 in. Round Table (Seats 8-10 Guests)–>90 in. Round Tablecloth

66 in. Round Table (Seats 9-11 Guests)–>90 in. Round Tablecloth

72 in. Round Table (Seats 10-12 Guests)–>108 in. Round Tablecloth

Full Drop:

36 in. Round Table (Seats 2-4 Guests)–>90 in. Round Tablecloth

42 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>108 in. Round Tablecloth

48 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>108 in. Round Tablecloth

54 in. Round Table (Seats 6-8 Guests)–>120 in. Round Tablecloth

60 in. Round Table (Seats 8-10 Guests)–>120 in. Round Tablecloth

66 in. Round Table (Seats 9-11 Guests)–>120 in. Round Tablecloth

72 in. Round Table (Seats 10-12 Guests)–>132 in. Round Tablecloth

Puddle Drop:


30 in. Round Table (Seats 2-4 Guests)–>108 in. Round Tablecloth

36 in. Round Table (Seats 2-4 Guests)–>108 in. Round Tablecloth

42 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>120 in. Round Tablecloth

48 in. Round Table (Seats 4-5 Guests)–>120 in. Round Tablecloth

54 in. Round Table (Seats 6-8 Guests)–>132 in. Round Tablecloth

60 in. Round Table (Seats 6-8 Guests)–>132 in. Round Tablecloth

To calculate the drop of your round tablecloth, subtract the linen diameter from the table diameter, then divide by two. For example, if you have a 72 in. table and a 132 in. tablecloth, subtract 72 from 132 (132-72) to get 60. Then divide 60 by 2 for a full drop of 30 in.

Sizes for Square Tables

Half Drop:

30 in. Square Table (Seats 4 Guests)–>60 in. Square Tablecloth

36 in. Square Table (Seats 4 Guests)–>60 in. Square Tablecloth

42 in. Square Table (Seats 8 Guests)–>72 in. Square Tablecloth

48 in. Square Table (Seats 8 Guests)–>85 in. Square Tablecloth

54 in. Square Table (Seats 8 Guests)–>85 in. Square Tablecloth

60 in. Square Table (Seats 8-12 Guests)–>85 in. Square Tablecloth

Full Drop:

30 in. Square Table (Seats 4 Guests)–>85 in. Square Tablecloth

36 in. Square Table (Seats 4 Guests)–>85 in. Square Tablecloth

A square table’s measurement is taken from one side, and the drop can be calculated with a simple formula: subtract the table length from the linen length, then divide by two. For instance, if you have a 36 x 36 in. table and an 85 x 85 in. tablecloth, you subtract 85 from 36 (85-36) to get 49. Then divide 49 by 2 for a final drop of 24.5 in.. That’s nearly 30 in., so this drop could be considered a full drop as long as the table is 30 in. in height.

Sizes for Rectangular or Oblong Tables

 Half Drop:

6 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 6 Guests)–>60 x 102 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

8 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 8 Guests)–>60 x 126 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

Full Drop:

6 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 6 Guests)–>90 x 132 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

8 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 8 Guests)–>90 x 156 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

Puddle Drop:

4 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 4 Guests)–>90 x 132 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

6 ft. Rectangular Table (Seats 6 Guests)–>90 x 156 in. Rectangular Tablecloth

Calculating the drop of a rectangular or oblong table is very easy too. Subtract the table length from the linen length and the table width from the linen width, and then divide both differences by two. That means if you have a 4ft. (30 x 48 in.) rectangular table with a 70 x 120 in. tablecloth, start by subtracting 30 from 70 (70-30=40) and 48 from 120 (120-48=72). Then you divide 40 by 2 (40/2=20) and 72 by 2 (72/2=36) which means your tablecloth will drop 20 inches width wise and 36 inches length wise. Once again, this formula assumes that your table measures 30 in. high.


We hope you found this information useful! If you have questions or concerns about finding your perfect tablecloth sizes, feel free to leave us a DM on our Facebook or email Please share if you found this a useful resource!

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136 Replies to “Everything You Need to Know About Tablecloth Sizes”

  1. This is SUPER information for people who need guidance in easily conveying the formality or casualness of an event! I have heard people say things like, “I’m afraid to use a floor length linen because guests might trip over it.” I have attended hundreds (possibly thousands!) of formal events in my lifetime, and as big a klutz as I am, I have NEVER tripped over the hem of a full-length tablecloth! Nor have I witnessed anyone else doing it! So I think we’re safe there. πŸ™‚ Further, I think some people shy away from the full-length because of the rental cost. I can understand that. That’s why it’s SO MUCH better to BUY linens from LTC instead. Buying from LTC costs roughly 1/2 as much as renting. And you can either store them for another event or sell them! Either way, you can’t lose!

    When putting on a formal event, it really is best to go full-length or puddle-length so as to not detract from the overall formal feel. Ever since discovering LTC, I haven’t had to rent ANY linens for personal or professional events…and I’m happy as a pig in mud about it! I can put that money saved towards other things like better fresh flowers or salmon instead of chicken! πŸ™‚

  2. I can be totally careless and somehow I’ve never tripped over a full length tablecloth, either! A full drop creates such a nice, formal look for a tablescape–perfect for weddings!

  3. I ALWAYS use full or puddle. For some reason a table just doesn’t look dressed to me with the half drop.

    I agree that with the prices of linens from LTC why rent at double the cost?

    I always add a topper or runner or sometimes both as well!

  4. Sizing does depend on a particular person’s needs. I also recommend people to look according to their chair cover needs. With chair covers, you can cover a table with only 108″ round tablecloths.

    1. Hi Angel! That’s a great point. It’s very important to consider whether or not you’re using chair covers, as they’ll greatly influence the overall presentation of your tablescapes. I am curious about one thing though: why do you consider 108 in. round tablecloths to be the biggest size tablecloth to use with chair covers? A 108 in. falls differently depending on the size of your table.

  5. I have two old tables – one is 52″ x 61″, with three 9″ leaves that I use at holidays. What size cloth do I need, with the leaves in, to touch the floor? What size cloth do I need, without the leaves in, to touch the floor? Ditto for half drop. I have another very old table we use, it is 48″ x 92″, with leaves. What size cloth for full drop and half drop? We have purchased from you before, and have asked these questions, with no response. I would like to buy a few cloths, while your sale is still on. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dolores! These measurements are approximate, but for your 48″x 92″ table, a 60″x126″ tablecloth should fall about halfway (a little on the shorter side) and a 90″x156″ tablecloth should fall nearly to the floor–assuming your table is 30″ in height. When it comes to rectangular tables, one side is always going to drop slightly lower than the other. In terms of your 52″ x 61″ table, I’d need to know how the leaves would change the dimensions. Once you give me that info, I’d be happy to calculate the linen size for you!

  6. I would like to thank you for making the “event planner” tool available. I work in catering sales and often have the need for scale drawings of rooms with tables & chairs. BRAVO!

  7. I am very confused on what size tablecloth to get. I am told that the half size for a 66 inch table would actually be 96 inch tablecloths. What would a 102 table cloth look like on a 66inch round table. I do NOT want it to the floor, I am afraid it will get stepped on and pull down the centerpieces, but I don’t want it too short either. What size do I order for a half drop 66 inch. It says 90 inch on your site, but that seems like it would be too small???

  8. Do you have calculations for high top round pub tables. I’m covering for cocktail rΓ©ception and want the cloth to go to the floor

    1. Hi Pam,

      It depends on the actual dimensions of the table but in any case using a round tablecloth on a square table might cause the tablecloth to fall awkwardly. Hope this helps!


  9. II’m worried how a 120 inch cloth will look on a 66 inch round table. I want it to go to the floor but not puddle. By my calculations (I am assuming a 30 inch distance from tabletop to the floor although I’m not sure — are tables sometimes shorter?) the cloth will fall 3 inches short. Have you ever seen this? Does it look OK or ridiculous (like a too short pair of pants!)? Thanks!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Yes, you’re correct it should fall about 3 inches off the ground. We have seen it work before. In fact it can actually be a good thing because it allows guests to have some extra foot room! Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Cyndi,
      If you use the 90 x 156, our biggest tablecloth, it would drop to the floor on 2 sides (assuming this table is 30 in. wide) and about 21 inches on the other 2 sides. You may want to get 2 14 ft skirts and one 60 x 126 in. tablecloth instead- if you prefer that it touches or puddles the floor.
      And don’t forget the skirt clips if you go with the skirt option! Hope this helps!

  10. What do you recommend in ordering for an oval table that is 6′ X 59′ (just short of 5′) and a height of 28″? Any insight is appreciated, thank you!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in our products. We actually do not carry specific tablecloths designed for oval tables. The only tablecloth that may be suitable is our 70 x 90 providing a drop of only 5 inches on 2 sides and 9 inches on the other 2 sides. All other tablecloths would give you too much variation on the drop length. Please let us know if we can help further!

  11. I have a question regarding round tables, I have ound tables that are 10′ x 10′ do you have any tablecloths that would cover these tables? Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Shelby, the biggest we have would be a 132 inch tablecloth. It would have a small drop of about 6 inches. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  12. my cable is not round or square nor is it rectangle although it is closer to the rectangle except the corners are rounded a bit. (Glass top) The length at the longest is 48 inches. See width at the widest is 46 inches. It seats for people comfortably (I doubt it would work with six seats) and I would like tablecloth to be nearly to the floor or close to it. What size tablecloth? Please?

    1. Hi Amy, a 108 inch tablecloth would be your best bet although the drop will not be perfect. It should hit almost to the floor though. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have anymore questions!

  13. Very informative post! I’m looking to put two rectangular tables to make a large table for a party ( 2.5 ft x 6 ft each). I want to cover the 5×6 ft square with a single cloth. I’m looking for a full or puddle drop. what size do you recommend? thanks!!!

    1. Hi Erica, we would recommend our 132 in round tablecloth. It will not drop perfectly (the corners will be shorter and scallop on the 4 sides), but it will provide the best coverage out of what we have available if you are looking for a single cloth. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions!

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thank you for your question. For that table, you would need a 96 x 120 inch tablecloth, a difficult size to find. I would suggest going for a 70 x 120 and having a shorter drop on 2 sides.

    1. Hi Crystal, we wouldn’t recommend that size for a 60 inch round table. The best tablecloths would be a 90 inch round for a half drop and a 120 in round for a full drop. Let us know if you have any further questions!

  14. I have some 6 foot by 2 1/2 foot rectangle tables. What size table cloths do i need. I don’t want to get them too long.

    1. Hi Angelece,
      For a half drop try our 60×102 in rectangular tablecloth and for a full drop I recommend using a 90×132 in. Let me know if you have any further questions! πŸ™‚

  15. i have some odd shaped tables and I do not know what tablecloths to buy. round table that measures 36×30 and square table that measures 60×36

  16. Will a 120 round table cloth fit a 54 inch square table and go to the floor. Thank you

    1. Hi Barb,

      The 120″ round tablecloth will be too large for that table. Square tablecloths are also much better suited for square tables. Our biggest square tablecloth is the 85 inch, this will give a drop of 15 inches, or halfway. I hope this helps!

      Best regards,

    1. Hi Tiffani,

      This would depend on the size of your round table. Usually, we would not suggest using a rectangular table cloth on a round table.

      Thank you!

  17. My rectangle table is 32 by 48 inches long. I want the full drop. What size tablecloth should I get?

  18. I Ihave a 5 ft. (60in x 50in) square table and would like to get a tablecloth that will provide a full length drop. Will a 120 inch round table cloth work.

    1. Hi Deb, Unfortunately we do not carry a product like this. If you purchase a square or rectangular tablecloth, you may be able to fold it so that it becomes fit to your 3-sided table.

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for the comment! We do not carry half moon tablecloths, but if you would like a tablecloth to go to the floor, you would want to use a 120″ round tablecloth and fold it in half. I hope this helps! Have a great day!

  19. Could you tell me what size square table cloth I need to go over a 60 inch round table that will have a full drop table cloth on it. I just want a bistro effect with the square table cloth.

    1. Hi Wanda! Thank you for the inquiry! The largest square tablecloth we carry is 85″ x 85″. This will allow for the corners to have the full-drop effect, but with expose the under part of the table. You can get a better idea of how this will look by using out tablecloth sizing tool. To see what the 85″ tablecloth will look like, choose the 60″ round table with a square tablecloth. Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Johnnie!
      We unfortunately do not carry the perfect size and shape for this table. Ideally you would want an oval tablecloth that is 60 X 114 inches. I could suggest trying the closest we have, our 60 x 126 in. tablecloth. This is available in multiple colors and patterns. It will provide a drop of 8 in. x 14 in. with a little extra drop around the curves of the table. I hope this helps, and thank you for reading!

    1. Hi Grace!
      I recommend using our 70 x 90 in. tablecloths for a drop of 14 in. x 11 in. or our 70 x 108 in. tablecloths for a 14 in. x 20 in. drop. If you find a tablecloth you would like to use, subtract the length of your table from the length of the tablecloth and divide by 2 -(do the same for the width) this will give you the amount of drop it will provide. Thanks for reading!

  20. Hi, I have an oval table that’s 60×42 with a 30inch drop what size round tablecloth will I need? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Claudia,

      You will need a 102 x 120 inch oval tablecloth. Unfortunately this is not a size we carry. Thank you for visiting our blog!

  21. I have a 60×88 inch rectangular table , I want to buy a Christmas tablecloth, what would be the perfect size ?

    1. Hi Kandice,
      For a full drop you would need a 150in. tablecloth. Unfortunately, the largest size we carry is 132. That would fall about 9 inches short.

  22. Can someone please tell me, if I have an 8ft round table (8ft = 96 inches) What size of overlay would I need? The largest I can find online is 90 inches.

    1. Hi Rosie,
      You will need at least a 108in., which would give you about 9in. of overlay hanging over the side. Unfortunately, the largest size we carry is 90in! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  23. What about the high top bar tables that are so often used at weddings at cocktail hour. What type of tablecloth?

    1. Hi Andrea!
      Typically high cocktail tables or “belly bars” are 42 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter. With these dimensions, you’ll need a 114″ round to touch the ground perfectly. Another popular way to decorate high tables is to use longer tablecloth and cinch it with a sash. Thanks for the comment!

  24. Hi! I am feeling a bit clueless. I have a square table that is 55×55 and also a dining room table that is 66 inches in length and 43inches in width. I am clueless on what size for a half drop on both and also for a lace overlay. Please help if possible!


    1. Hi Ashley!

      For a half drop on a 55×55, you’d need an 85″ square tablecloth (check out our selection here). For the 66×43, you’ll need something like a 60×96, a 66×102, or a 70×108. None of these will be a perfect half-drop, but they will be close!

      For the overlay, it depends how much you want it to hang over the sides. Choose an 85 for full coverage, a 72 for mostly covered, or a 54 for just a slight drape over the sides.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for the comment!

  25. Hello there. I’m kinda lost on this issue. I am looking for table runners but don’t know what length to get. I know my tableclothes are round 85″x85″
    What should the length on my runner be? would 108″ work?

    1. Hi Jodi,

      What size is your table? Are you looking for a full-drop or half? 14×108 is the typical size for table runners, which comes down about two-thirds of the way on a standard 60″ round table. For a perfect half drop, you could try a 13×90 as well.

      Let us know if you need more help!

  26. I have 5ft by 6ft tables. What size tablecloths do I need? I don’t care about the drop size really, whatever will look good and be cheapest. This is for a wedding.

    1. Hi Courtney,
      For a 5ft x 6ft table, you could use a square, rectangle or round tablecloth.

      The largest square tablecloth I can find is a 90″ (we don’t sell this size) which would drop 15″ off two sides and 9″ off the other two.

      If you wanted a rectangle, a 90″x132″ would provide an interesting, asymmetrical look. You’d get a full drop on the 5ft sides, and a 15″ drop on the 6ft sides.

      Your round option would be a 120″ which would be a full drop on two sides, and 6 inches short of a full drop on the other two. If you’re looking for full drop all over (usually considered the most elegant look), a 132″ round will work, you’ll just have 6 extra inches on two of the sides that you’ll need to tuck under.

      I hope that makes sense! Please let me know if you need me to explain further.
      Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  27. Good morning! I posted a question, but it seems to have been deleted. I am in need of a floor length table linen for a rectangle table that measured 32 x 52. I am also looking for a floor length linen for a round table that’s 62 X 62..PLEASE HELP!!!

  28. Hello, I’ve got a number of tables I need to get tablecloths for, for a wedding. All different sizes and a full drop is wanted. The sizes are:
    54″ Round 42″ Round 96″ Rectangle 100″ x 55″ Pool Table
    42″ x 96″ Rectangle 96″ x 46″ and 42″ x 69″
    I can’t seem to figure out what size I need for each one, again.. with a full drop.

  29. Would a 90 x 132 in rectangular tablecloth also work for a 4-foot rectangular table (floor length drop)?

  30. llooking to get a table cloth for 6 foot tables and I want them to drop halfway to floor and cover the ends of table half way to floor . what is a good size. will 90 x 132 be to big

  31. Hi
    I have 35×35 small table – it’s round, what size tablecloth should I buy?

  32. My table has a 45″ diameter.

    My table is round with a 45″ diameter. What size tablecloth should I buy?

  33. Hi! So my table is 60 in length x 37 in width x 30 in height. What is the closest standard size tablecloth that I can find for my table? I don’t mind if it’s a bit big… a little more than halfway down might be nice…?

  34. I have a question…. πŸ™ I have 90 x 132 rectangle tablecloths. now will these also fit a 120 round table ? please help someone. lol I really don’t want to have to return or exchange what I already have.

    1. Hi Leesa, A rectangle tablecloth is made to fit a rectangular table. It would reach the ground on a circular table but the look would nit be the same as a round tablecloth. It would be very long on two sides.

  35. I have a 48″ round table. Your chart shows the same size for 42″ and 48″ table. Which is correct? Also, what size square topper would I use for a 48″ table?

    1. For a full size drop on a 48″ table you will want a 108 round. The size of overlay you will want depends on your preference. A 60″ overlay will drop down a quarter of the table on the corners, a 72″ will have a half drop, and an 85″ will have a complete drop on the corners. Thank you for your question!

    1. Hi Mia,

      We don’t carry a size for a full clean drop on a 66 in. round table. The 120 in. round tablecloth will give you a 27 in. drop on your table. A 132 in. would be too big and puddle unfortunately.

  36. Hi Regina,

    A 120 in. tablecloth will give you about an 18 in. drop if your table is 84 in. round and 30 in. high. That’s probably going to be the closest you get to a half drop with our sizes.

  37. We have removed leaf from table and it was already an odd size 76×42. Without leave, it measures 42x 64. What size tablecloths do i need! I already have some in my closet that do not fit

    Thanks you

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I’d recommend contacting our Customer Service team at or 1.877.835.5617. The tablecloth size you’ll need will depend on the type of material and drop that you’d like. Our agents would be happy to walk you through different options and help you place your order.

  38. I have 3 different size long table one size is 8ft long and 3 wide, 6 ft long and 3 wide and 4 ft lone and 4 wide. I wont to do the puddle to floor but is unsure how long and wide I need. Can you please help?

  39. I have a square table that measures from side on the floor to the other side on the floor – I don’t know why I measured like this. What size could I get to give a full or puddle drop please…I don’t see anything big enough in the square sizes you have. Would a round one work?

    1. Hi Lee,

      I would recommend contacting Customer Service with the exact dimensions of your table. They’ll be able to tell you what size you need for a puddle and if we have a round tablecloth would work.

  40. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS RESOURCE!!!!! I was sitting here having an absolute freak out about how to avoid choosing the wrong types of table clothes. This resource saved the day!! Thank you for taking the time to curate this. I am an engineer, so I also sincerely appreciated the formula! Thank you again ^_^
    Love, Happy Bride To Be / Future Party Planner

  41. I have a question about the following size table cloths I’d need for the following:
    I am having a hard time determining what sizes to purchase.
    5- 12ft rectangular tables
    2- 10ft rectangular tables
    1- 6ft rectangular table

  42. I am having an event and I ordered 108” round table cloths, the table measures at 5 feet in diameter is what I’ve been told it sits 8-10 people what look will I get?

  43. I am doing a bridal table with three 8 ft tables…my tables are 30 wide and 30 high. How do i know how much skirting to get. I assume it doesn’t go around the back of the table. Should we get length to the floor even though we are using skirting..thanks

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Our Skirting only fits tables 30 in. in height and will provide a full drop. To figure out how much skirting you need, you’ll need to calculate the perimeter of the tables and what you want covered. If you don’t want to skirt the back, just don’t add those sides. You can also contact Customer Service to help you withe the calculations.

      I’d recommend getting two (2) 21 ft. Table Skirts if you’re putting all of the tables together and not skirting the backs.

    1. Hi Scarlet,

      We don’t offer a tablecloth that would give you a clean full drop on standard 54″ square tables. The largest square tablecloth we carry would be an 85 in. square which would give you about a halfway drop of 15.5 in.

  44. I just purchased 72×120 rectangle tablecloths for a 6′ rectangle table per the website suggestions. i don’t see that dimension on here. why the difference and will they still be full drop?

    1. Hi Mary,

      I’m not sure how large your table is, but our 70×120 in. tablecloths are not standard size and will rarely give you a full drop. You’d need a 90×132 in. tablecloth for a full drop on a 6 ft. and a 90×156 in. tablecloth for a full drop on an 8 ft. table. To see what a 70×120 in. tablecloth will look like on your table you can visit our sizing tool at

  45. Hi i’m putting two 8 ft tables together that will seat 10 people, and i’m in need of knowing what size table cloth i will be needed.

  46. Appreciating the commitment you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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