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August 21, 2019

Tea for Two Tablescape Breakdown

What better way to welcome warmer weather than with a tea party outside?!  Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, our table features everything but the Dormouse.  Recreate your own tea party by following the breakdown we’ve left below.


As our tablescapes go, this one is actually fairly bare of linen.  Since this isn’t as chaotic a set up as that held by the Mad Hatter, the table isn’t nearly as full.  With the mess missing, we used our elegant white dining table as the base. On top of the table, we’ve added a 14 x 108 in. Organza Table Runner in Hunter Green.  This helped add color to the table and highlighted everything on top of it. Light pink roses from our 14 x 108 in. Sheer Roses Table Runner create a spring like atmosphere and soften the otherwise straightforward table.  The depth and various layers of runners can especially be seen when you look at a close up of the table in dappled sunlight.

Most tea parties feature more than one guest, so feel free to add more chairs and place settings as needed.  However, for the sake of our table, we kept the guest list down. Two Chiavari Chairs were placed on either end of the table.  Both feature Floral Lace Tutu Chiavari Chair Covers in Champagne.


Let’s be honest. We have a lot of stuff on this table. Bear with us as we “spill the tea” on what’s what.


Perhaps the most noticeable silk plant on the table would be our tangle of ivy that runs the length of the table. We intertwined four ivy garlands throughout.  To get the same look, weave the strands one at a time through various elements of the table such as candles, desserts, and teaware.

When you’re done with the ivy, grab 10 in. Artificial Eucalyptus Leaf Bunches and spread them between the openings in the accessories and the ivy. The more you have, the better. We also threw in some red tipped eucalyptus to break up the green everywhere.  

Our final entry in the plant category would be the heads from 24 in. Long Stem Roses in Red and 11 in. White Silk Roses.  These were scattered along the table for more color and to go with the floral runner.

Non-Floral Decor

Unfortunately it was too windy outside for our candles to be lit.  However, if you do hold your event inside, candlelight can be a wonderful additional touch.  The scattered candles range from tealight size to as large as 4 x 6 in. pillar candle. All of these can be picked up from your local department store.

A small stack of books were placed on one side of our tablescape.  We then placed some desserts on top for additional height.

Our last accessory is the giant clock in the center of the table. It was raised up using a small rectangular shelf we placed upside down.


Every tea party needs a tea set.  We chose to use a rather old looking white porcelain set. You’ll find a tea kettle, creamer, and sugar bowl in addition to the cups and saucers.

Underneath the saucers you’ll find a dessert plate taken from our 4 PC Gold Rimmed Charger Plate Set White.  Vintage silverware that has turned color by time and use were placed where necessary on the table.

Cupcakes were placed around the table in Tall White Hearts and White Carriage Single Cupcake Stands.

Did this post send you into a rabbit hole of inspiration?  Let us know! Send comments or your own tea party photos to our Instagram or Facebook page.

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