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August 21, 2019

The Benefits of Shantung Silk

Shantung Silk is a wonderful alternative to Polyester.  If you’re looking for an easy way to upscale your event, check out this material before placing your order! For all the benefits of Shantung Silk keep reading.


One of the reasons people fall in love with Polyester is the fact that they can reuse it again and again. This is especially important if you’re an event planner or rental company that keeps stock of the items they purchase from LinenTablecloth. When you purchase Polyester, they usually last about thirty (30) washes before you may have to cycle them out.  If properly cared for, this is also true for Shantung Silk!

With Shantung Silk, you’ll find that the material is just as durable.  Stain resistant this material can be washed in a machine on delicate with cold water and a mild detergent.  Adding fabric softener is not recommended on any of our tablecloths. Once they’re done washing, we recommend that you hang dry them.

Rich Colors

Available in eleven different colors, Featuring a subtle lined texture, these tablecloths and runners offer a lustrous finish.  Softer than satin, the slight sheen gives added depth to your tables. Thanks to this feature, each item also has a richer, deeper color than standard Polyester.


Event professionals as well as brides and other DIY party planners worry about the cost of products.  Oftentimes though Shantung Silk products are relatively similar to their Polyester or Satin counterparts.  For a few extra dollars, you can create a more elegant venue setup with premium products. Rentals can also save you, on average, about 50% compared to purchasing the items. With the money you save, adding Shantung Silk into the budget is less of a stress on your wallet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do with the items afterward. Find an example of the cost between Shantung Silk, Polyester, and Satin tablecloths below.  Please note that these figures were calculated off of the pricing at the time of the blog’s publishing. Pricing is subject to change.

MaterialPurchase PriceRental PriceFinal Purchase PriceFinal Rental Price
118 in. Shantung Silk Tablecloths



120 in. Polyester Tablecloths



118 in. Satin Tablecloths




Browse our Gallery for more beautiful pictures of this material!  Be sure to email us your own photos at  You can also tag us on Instagram @linentablecloth.

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