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June 17, 2021

DIY Centerpieces for Trending Wedding Themes

Themed weddings are stealing the spotlight in the wedding community, and there’s no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest to plan a vintage, romantic, rustic, whimsical, or nautical themed wedding of your own! Many photo shoots displayed on major wedding blogs incorporate old, luxury cars for vintage weddings or feature expensive venues like yacht-clubs for nautical weddings. These are amazing ideas that photograph beautifully, but the reality is that most couples cannot afford the same price tags. Fortunately, there is a whole host of DIY bloggers who provide step-by-step instructions for creating wedding decor for trending themes! Below are two different DIY centerpiece ideas per trending theme. Enjoy!


DIY Centerpieces for Trending Wedding Themes


1. Vintage

Vintage weddings are elegant events that tend to pair  pastel colors with classic white china.  Like vintage stores, vintage weddings are a throwback to an earlier time–namely the lavish, carefree dinner parties associated with that of Marie Antoinette in the late 18th century.


Vintage DIY centerpiece
Learn how to make DIY milk glass centerpieces on RuffledBlog


Vintage DIY centerpieces
Bird cages can be found at your local flea market and make for great vintage decor


2. Rustic

Rustic themed weddings are characterized by nature themes and earth tones. Find inspiration from the great outdoors or tasteful symbols of agriculture like hay, wheat, and wood–barnyard weddings are more popular than ever and often feature a rustic theme with burlap tablescapes.


rustic DIY centerpiece
Find out how to make this harvest centerpiece by Martha Stewart


Rustic DIY centerpiece
Find out how to make a wood cut centerpiece on oncewed


3. Whimsical

What is a whimsical themed wedding? Definitions vary, but whimsy is defined as extravagant, fanciful, and playful. Everything from brightly colored carnival to pixy, dream like themed weddings are grouped as whimsical weddings. These next two pictures show the best of both whimsical worlds!


whimsical DIY centerpiece
The step-by-step instructions for this colorful lemon centerpiece is on Emmaline Bride


whimsical DIY centerpiece
Just imagine a string of lights or Chinese lanterns hanging above for a magical pixie themed wedding


4. Romantic

Romantic weddings are as if the bride and groom are sharing the intimate setting of a first date. Think of this theme like a romantic dinner setting that is dimly lit with lots of candles. The keyword for a romantic wedding is intimate.


romantic DIY centerpieces
All you need for this romantic effect is to place a bulk order of mismatched mason jars and candles!


romantic DIY centerpiece
Find out how to re-purpose wine bottles as candle holders on Emmaline Bride


5. Nautical

Nautical weddings look to the sea for inspiration. Anything from anchor patterned tablecloths to seashells are included in nautical wedding tablescapes.


Nautical DIY wedding tablescapes
All you need for this one is a gilded bucket and a floral arrangement


Nautical DIY wedding centerpiece
Find out how to make these nautical rope vases on Bayside Bride


Have any DIY ideas for themed weddings of your own? Post them in the comment box below!


Credits: Milk glass vase found on || Bird cage centerpiece found on || Harvest wheat centerpiece by Martha Stewart || Wood cut centerpiece featured on Emmaline Bride || Lemon centerpiece by Emmaline bride || Metal pitcher centerpiece featured on RuffledBlog || Mason jar candle centerpieces found on Emmaline Bride || Wine bottle candle holders found on Emmaline Bride || Gilded bucket centerpiece by Martha Stewart || Nautical rope vase by Bayside Bride || Featured image by Emmaline Bride

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