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August 9, 2020

10 Things To Spray Paint Right Now

Spray paint; a craft-lover’s BFF. Some of our favorite pins can be executed with a can of spray paint and a wild imagination. Check out our favorite things to paint right now, and make sure to share your best creations as well! Happy crafting!


1. Drink Buckets

This easy DIY can be made for less than $5! Though we would all love to deck out our backyard BBQ in galvanized tin, those ma not always be in the budget. Instead, snag a couple of drink buckets from the dollar store, and spray two coats of metallic silver “hammered” spray paint on them. Fill with ice and beverages, you are ready to get grillin’!


2. Metallic Planters

Does your home or garden need a modern pick-me-up? This DIY is just the thing! Simple, but chic, gold metallic planters are great decor for any kind of style. Simply obtain any sort of planter, and apply 2-3 coats of metallic gold paint. Let dry, and being planting!


3. Painted Squash

Looking for the perfect way to prepare for fall? Simple snag some squash at the local grocery store and apply this metallic gold makeover. Please be sure not to consume the squash after paint has been applied! Yikes!


4. The Alphabet

With two coats of primer, and two coats of gold metallic paint, you too can transform this childhood staple into stylish fridge decor.

Christmas lights

5. Last Year’s Christmas Lights

Dig out last year’s Christmas lights, it’s time for a DIY revamp! Remove lights and stuff paper towels in each socket to avoid spraying flammable spray paint into the electrical source. One coat of metallic gold spray paint will do the trick! Allow to dry, and then re-insert light bulbs. Ta-da!

tin cans

6. Tin Cans

It’s not uncommon anymore to see a simple tin can as a wedding centerpiece. Fab up tin cans by spray painting with copper metallic paint, chalk paint, or matte colors. Use tins cans indoors as herb gardens or outdoors at your next event!


7. Succulents

If you are a LTC blog follower – you know by now that we are in LOVE with succulents this year! Which may explain why we love the painted succulent look! Use these as adorable place cards, or just simple mantle art.


8. Old Containers

Reduce, reuse, and best of all – RECYCLE! Before tossing those old containers – think of the possibilities! Give your containers a splash of color and apply these free pantry printables for a quick and fabulous DIY!

Office Sorage

9. Office Storage

Transform this everyday office storage, to a craft studio-worthy staple! For less than $30 and 30 minutes! All you need is a can of gold metallic spray paint and some gold metal label accents!

mason jars

10. Mason Jars

Did you think we were really going to end this blog without mentioning mason jars? An easy DIY that is sure to impress! Spray painted mason jars!!!

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