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December 2, 2020

This Just In: Brilliant Butterflies

We’re so excited about this new product we had to write a blog post about it!  New Wall Butterflies (12/pack) are changing up and enhancing old event decor. Take a look at our new arrival and some creative ways to use these enchanting pieces.


Originally intended for wall decor, we’ve added convenient safety pins to the back of each butterfly.  While you can still use adhesives to stick the different sizes on the wall directly, you can also now pin them to a variety of fabrics and decor pieces.

Perfect for outside gatherings or floral heavy themes like our Midnight Garden Party, shown below, you can have realistic wings enchant your table settings.  We attached a pack of White Wall Butterflies to a 118 in. Round Rosette Satin Tablecloth in Black. The stark contrast of black and white helped better display not only the small light butterflies, but also the delicate petals on our rosette tablecloth.  

You can also pin a swarm of butterflies to drapes within your event hall or on chair backings.  The bright colors and added dimension will help notify guests of important seating, entrances, or draw eyes to significant tables.

Write guest names on butterflies and pin them to napkins or chair backs for custom place seating that guests can then take home! 


While the wall butterflies are dazzling yet affordable additions to events, they can also be used at home!  Similar to the event drapes, you can easily attach them to curtains for bright splashes of color and added depth.

Pin a butterfly to a hair tie or backpack for a fresh accessory that goes where you do!  Thanks to the sturdy and subtle safety pins on each butterfly, colors and sizes can be easily changed.  No longer feeling the look? Simply detach the pin and save it for a rainy day.  

How will you use new Wall Butterflies (12/pack)?  Let us see by submitting photos to our Instagram or Facebook pages.  You can also always email!

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