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June 24, 2021

Top 5 Blog Posts (Ever.)

One of the best things about weddings and other special events are no two are alike.  Whether your event was inspired by hours of Pinterest, or made to your individual selections, you’ll end up with something new and original every time.  Either way, it can be hard to get started. Blogs and other resource tools can be a huge help when searching for ideas like colors, sizing, and other reference points. We’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Blog posts to see what readers like you have found most helpful! 

5. 17 Wedding Send Off Ideas We Love

Our blog started generating regular posts way back in 2012. Published in early 2015, this post has been inspiring exciting starts to marriages everywhere.  Traditionally, rice was thrown to send newly-weds on their way. However, if your venue doesn’t allow rice or you just want to mix it up, check out these seventeen (17) alternatives.  Our favorite? Aromatics. View the post here.

4. 4 Party Themes We Adore

Though made back in 2016, this post contains party themes suitable for a variety of events for all ages.  If you’re looking for the perfect summer theme, check out this post, which includes a cute watermelon inspired event. Click here to take a closer look at this theme and more! 

3. Breathtaking Ways to Arrange Your Tables

Finding the perfect venue takes time, and money.  If you’ve found the venue of your dreams but are struggling with set up, this is the post for you.  Helpful pictures and quick captions give you quick inspiration with none of the filler fluff. See for yourself here

2. 12 Ways to Make Your Wedding Interactive

Everybody has been there. It’s a beautiful moment, two people promising eternal love. Without the proper persuasion though, weddings can become routine. Make sure your event stands out from the rest with these exciting activities and ideas. Find all twelve (12) ideas here.  

Honorable Mention: Gallery

While this is technically not a blog post, our gallery is one of the most viewed resources on our site. Updated regularly, we have guests continually coming back even after their event to check out what’s new.  You can always find it at the top of our site, right under the search bar. For now though, you can click here to be redirected. 

1. Everything You Need to Know about Tablecloth Sizes

This is it! The top post! If you’re hosting an event, chances are your looking for tablecloths and other linen to create the perfect ambiance. Much like taxes though, tablecloth sizing is an art not many of us have experience with.  If you need a bit of help with sizing, this post from 2014 can certainly help you get started. Read it here. After you’re done, check out our free online sizing tool and play with different drops on various table sizes. 

Did your favorite post make our Top 5? If not, or you have a suggestion for a future blog, let us know! Suggestions can be sent to Make sure to also subscribe to our blog and newsletters to keep up to date with the latest trending content!

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