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July 23, 2019

Unique Accessories for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Whether you plan on going out or staying in, these key accessories can help you create the ambiance you desire on this special day. Keep in mind as you read this list, these products are limited to items found on LinenTablecloth. They’re also purely based on my opinion.


Flower Balls

Flower balls come in three different sizes, 6 in., 12 in. and 20 in. They can either be hung from the ceiling with wire and string or sit by themselves.  Smaller flower balls can be perched atop candle holders for a unique alternative to candles. You can also mix and match sizes on the ground in front of tables for additional color.

Silk Petals

What can you do with silk petals? Make a trail. Strew them across a table or bed. Use them as vase filler. Though it’s not recommended, I’ve even seen them in bathtubs.



Hung on Shepard’s hooks or sat on a table, there is just something about candlelight cast from a lantern.  It’s romantic, especially at dusk when the world starts to still. Lanterns can also help light a path whether it be to a small dinner set for two or somewhere more secluded.

Candle Holders

Similar to lanterns candle holders like our Iridescent Candle Holders, cast a special kind of glow on the surrounding area.  The reflective glass shines different colored light, like stained glass, lending a luminous glow.


Fillable Ornaments

This may seem like a stretch, and I’ll admit, it does take some creativity, so hear me out.  Fill these with candy and spread them across a table. You can also pop the heads off of flowers and place them inside for elegant bursts of color. Even jewelry or sparkly gems can be added inside, the possibilities are endless!

Soap and Bath Salt

Heart shaped soaps are not only cute, they’re functional and smell good! Even if you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone, treat yourself to a relaxing evening with some aromatherapy.


Silk Flowers

An obvious choice, but you can never go wrong with flowers. The best part about silk flowers? These will never wilt. You can reuse them every year as decor on your table, or get a garland to hang around door frames and windows for some extra holiday color.


Confetti doesn’t get the love it deserves because of the mess generally associated with it.  I’d like to think of that as part of the fun though. Confetti can be a great accent because of the colorful, metallic sheen.  It’s so small you can scatter it along a table and it’s not bulky but you can see it underneath chargers, napkins, or whatever else you decide to place there.


Did your favorite Valentine’s Day accessory make the list? Let us know at  Like the accessories you saw listed? Click on each heading to be redirected to that product page on our site!