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April 10, 2020

Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

Take your guests on a tropical adventure by hosting an under the sea birthday party! Explore the deepest depths of the ocean, all while staying nice and dry right in your living room. These creative party ideas are easy to do and are sure to make your party go off swimmingly. Under the sea themed birthday parties are so versatile that they can be designed to please both buoys and gulls! Here are 14 of our favorite under the sea birthday party ideas.

1. Ocean Water

Ocean Punch | LinenTablecloth BlogBlue Punch | Spearmint Baby

2. Shells and Stars

Shell Pasta and Star Pizza | LinenTablecloth Blog

Seashell Pasta and Starfish Pizza | Bubbly Nature Creations

3. “Corally” Invited

Isomalt Coral Cupcakes | LinenTablecloth Blog

Isomalt Coral Cupcakes | Spaceships and Laser Beams

4. Kalamari

Octopus Pepper | LinenTablecloth Blog

Octopus Bell Pepper | Dinner at the Zoo

5. Rock Candy Coral

Rock Candy Coral | LinenTablecloth Blog

Rock Candy Coral | I Will Invitations

6. I Sea Balloons

Netted Balloons | LinenTablecloth Blog

Netted Balloons | Catch My Party

7. Big Balloon Bubbles

Large Balloon Bubbles | LinenTablecloth Blog

Big Balloon Bubbles | Catch My Party

8. Jellyfish

Jellyfish Paper Lantern | LinenTablecloth Blog

Jellyfish Paper Lantern | Paper & Ink

9. Fish Lanterns

Paper Lantern Fish | LinenTablecloth Blog

Fish Paper Lantern | Make Life Lovely

10. Stream It

Under The Sea Birthday Tablescape | LinenTablecloth Blog

Seaweed Streamers | LinenTablecloth

11. Coral Centerpiece

Coral Centerpiece | LinenTablecloth Blog

Coral Centerpiece | LinenTablecloth

12. Something’s Fishy

Under The Sea Birthday Tablescape | LinenTablecloth Blog

Goldfish Napkin Fold | LinenTablecloth

13. Dinglehopper

Under The Sea Birthday Tablescape | LinenTablecloth Blog

Festive Forks | LinenTablecloth

14. Scaly Seven

Under The Sea Birthday Tablescape | LinenTablecloth Blog

Decorated Wood Letter | LinenTablecloth

Show us what your under the sea party looks like in the comments below.

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