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April 14, 2021

Unique Uses for Hydrangea Strands

Chances are, you’re not just having a party for the sake of partying.  Special events are almost always held for special occasions and a lot of effort goes into the planning and execution of said event.  Whether you’re trying to replicate a look that inspired you, or just trying to impress your guests, finding the right decor is essential in creating the desired ambiance.  Add a level of floral elegance and whimsical beauty to any venue with silk flower strands. Here, we’re listing five (5) unique uses of our 2 yd. Silk Hydrangea Strands.

Detach and reassemble strands from this ten pack to create many little pieces or a couple of really long ones!  

Flower Wall

Unique not only in the way of its construction, but also  the dimension and color options, take individual strands to create a wall! Hang them from the ceiling, from door frames, windows, or even pipe and drape. Build a “wall” as a barrier to direct guests, hide supplies, create a photo booth backdrop, or just look fun!

Flower Tower

Need a unique, never before seen centerpiece? Flower towers are glowing masterpieces that are easy to make and won’t break your budget.  Find step by step instructions on how to build your own tower in our Flower Tower DIY Blog. Click here to be redirected. 

Pillar Markers

This use for flower strands can actually be utilized in a couple of ways.  Wrap the strands around pillars or trees in your venue to lead the way.  Think along the lines of following the “yellow-brick road”. This can also be applied to door frames.  One color will mark the correct direction to follow while the others are there to accent and fill in the white space.  A simpler use would be wrapping pillars and other necessary structures with the strands for a tropical three dimensional decor piece. 


Lanterns, vases, birdcages, and other hollow items are fairly standard decor pieces. Spice them up by inserting strands into the centers.  Use one or many different colors to match or enhance your event’s color palette. 

Table Runner

Similar to the set up of this runner made out of Cherry Blossoms, strands can be placed along the center of the table.  Braid multiple strands together for a thicker, more colorful runner. Floral runners are great for smaller tables! The flowers provide that warm feminine look without taking up more room on the table which is often the case when using vases or flower bunches. Place votives inside or around the braided strands for more light.

What have you used flower strands for?  Send us your ideas and pictures at or on Facebook!  You could end up being featured on our social media pages!

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