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June 17, 2021

Valentine’s DIY Mason Jar Centerpiece

Love is in the air this time of year, and to celebrate we wanted to focus this week’s DIY project on creating a romantic and sweet centerpiece. With paint, fairy lights, and some tissue poms, we ended up with an adorable Valentine’s DIY Mason Jar Centerpiece that is perfect for any table setting.


To begin you’ll need a few materials: Two 16 oz Mason Jars (you could also use 32 oz if you prefer!), Acrylic Paint in pink and red, a paint brush, painters tape, pink and red ribbon, an X-acto knife (or something similar), tissue poms in pink and fuchsia, and white fairy lights.


To get started, your first step is to cut heart shapes from your painters tape. We found the easiest way to do this was by tracing half hearts onto the tape roll. Then cut the strip off the roll, apply to the jar, and use your X-acto knife to cut the traced heart out of the strip. Repeat for the second half, and do this for both jars.


Once you have your tape hearts applied, begin painting the jars, one with red acrylic paint, and one with pink paint. We painted up to the edge of the lip, and flipped the jars upside down to dry.


TIP: paint carefully over the top of the painters tape, this should help adhere the tape to the curves of the jar, and prevent major leaking.


When you’re jars are dry, carefully begin peeling the tape hearts off of the jar. Although paint leakage was minimal, you may want to use your X-acto knife to clean up the edges and carefully scrape away excess paint.


Next you can tie on your ribbon, we chose a pink satin ribbon for our red mason jar, and a red satin ribbon for the pink. We tied bows to the side, so the heart window was still visible, and trimmed the edges of each ribbon.


Then we moved on to the finishing touches! Add your fairy lights to each jar. With this you have two options, you can either hide the battery pack within the jars (especially if you opted for the 32 oz), but we didn’t like the look of it peeking through our cute heart windows, so we chose to place the battery packs outside the jars.


This is where the tissue poms come in. To create the completed look of the centerpiece and to hide the battery packs, puff up your tissue poms and encircle your mason jars.

All that’s left is to turn on the lights! You’ll have glowing red and pink mason jar lamps as the focal point of a sweet centerpiece!


How would you feature this Valentine’s DIY Mason Jar Centerpiece at your table? Let us know and comment below!

DIY Project, Photography & Graphic Design : Olivia | DIY Project & Writing: Mikayla

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