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August 26, 2019

Wallpaper as Wrapping Paper?

Wrapping paper can be extremely expensive and it still rips.  Cats, dogs, kids, and even unruly spouses will sit and shake the boxes to the point of revealing the surprise inside.  Two options are available then. One: you wait for Santa on Christmas Eve before presents appear under the tree. Or two: you wrap those boxes in layer upon layer of paper so that no man, child, or beast may see inside.  If you’re like me though you don’t like empty trees. If you’re going to spend money on the wrapping paper and presents you may as well display them for a bit as part of the decor. The second options works but wastes money and time.  The solution? Wallpaper.

I know, throwback and it’s not even Thursday. Yes, wallpaper.  Wallpaper is much thicker than standard wrapping paper. However, ultimately it is paper so it can still be bent and cut to fit your needs.  Most wallpaper will also have some type of adhesive to stick to the wall so you may cut down on tape.

While not always the case, wallpaper tends to come in hardier rolls than wrapping paper as well.  Cut down on cost with these bigger rolls. LinenTablecloth sells wallpaper samples as well in 6 x 4 in. pieces in case you need to wrap something smaller.  The thickness of the paper means that damage under your tree will be next to nothing. Wallpaper is also great if you need to pack up and travel with presents for family Christmas at grandpa and grandma’s house.

Gift wrap is available in a plethora of colors and patterns which can add to festivities.  Old school wallpaper prints can as well. The burgundy, greens, and royal blues found in many of LinenTablecloth’s wallpapers accentuate traditional Christmas decor.

Have you tried wallpaper as gift wrap before?  Send us pictures or your own personal tips and tricks for wrapping at!  

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