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April 14, 2021

Breathtaking Ways To Arrange Your Tables

Create a seating plan that is dynamic and unique! Using a mixture of rectangular and round tables, the possibilities are endless!


Round & Rectangle

Use your space wisely by combining rectangular and round tables where they fit.

Lisa Lefkowitz, Snippet & Ink

Lead Me To The Dance Floor

Don’t miss a beat – face the bride and groom straight toward the dance floor.


Backyard BBQ

Connect your tables with string lights for a romantic ambiance.


Comfortable Wine & Dine

Achieve this look with a mixture of chairs and couches.


In The Cross Hairs

Sure to spark conversation; these tables look elegant and bold.


Family Style

This style is intimate, attractive, and perfect for narrow spaces.


Simply Angled

Shake things up a bit with this dynamic angling.


Circles On The Side

Keep circles on only the outer portion of the room to maintain clean lines in the center of the room.


Monkey In The Middle

A single rectangular table in the middle of a room keeps things simply fabulous.


Dancing Queen

Captivate your audience with a grand surrounding to the center stage!


The Horseshoe

This shape encourages conversation with the person next to you; great for your matchmaking plans!


All Seeing Bride & Groom

Don’t be afraid to face your crowd, leave some space in front of you for your visitors!


I Zig, You Zag

Surprise your guests with this fun table arrangement!


Center Of Attention

Seat the bride and groom away from all of the other tables so that everyone can say “Hi!”


Close The Square

There is nothing more epic or traditional than this ancient table layout.


Every Other Shape

Use square and circle tables to create an every-other pattern.

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5 Replies to “Breathtaking Ways To Arrange Your Tables”

  1. It’s great to see that most (not all, unfortunately) of your long tables have someone at the short end, closing off the table. Sitting on the long side of the table, it’s a sinking feeling to see that you are placed at the very end with no-one to talk to on one side. Guests on only both sides of a long table (with no-one at the end) may look neat but it’s not convivial.

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