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May 30, 2020

DIY Wedding Budget Worksheet

As a DIY bride, you are the chief financial officer of your wedding budget. When reconciling between vendor estimates and actual money allocation, it is easy to lose track of the reality in front of you. Is this venue exceeding what you’ve initially allotted for it or is it something that meets your budget requirement? The price tag on this dress, how will it affect other parts of my wedding? Pinterest and other wedding inspiration sites do not make things easier for you either. In an ocean of captivating styles and dreamy tablecloths, how do you keep yourself from being tangled in that world and from giving nods to ideas that you did not originally plan for?


You need a wedding budget worksheet. The kind that simplifies things for you. The type that helps you get every little detail covered. A concise yet sweet reminder of where you stand, in terms of spending. In short, a wedding budget planner that brings out your money management skills. That’s exactly what we had in mind here at LinenTablecloth when we launched our DIY Wedding Budget Worksheet. It contains a breakdown of wedding essentials and lets you enter all of your actual wedding costs. If you are in that phase where you are dividing your budget depending on your priorities, there is also an estimate calculator area where you can type in those values.




Download your free wedding budget worksheet


Now let’s give this wedding budget calculator a closer look. You will find it as the third option on the top row of the screen. Don’t be fooled by its simple yet clean look. It’s not just a spreadsheet. It can be your hero, saving you from any cash outflow that you might decide to do. As you can see, we  have segmented all areas of the wedding planning process. We took all of the major categories like rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon, and broke down all of the possible considerations for each. Of course, there’s a good chance you won’t incorporate every possible facet into your wedding planning, but we have included everything for your analysis.


You will also notice that there are two sheets in the wedding budget worksheet. The first one, called budget, outlines the entire allotment for every phase of the wedding planning. The second sheet, labeled estimator, prompts you to set your overall money allocation. Next, you can adjust the percentage of budget spend on each category. Be sure your percentages add up to 100%. This will be calculated and immediately update the estimated cost of each category. The example below starts with a budget of $5000.


Wedding Budget Worksheet The Wedding Budget Worksheet: Visualize Your Spend.

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