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September 18, 2019

Winter Wedding Inspiration: Turquoise, White, and Silver

Turquoise, White, and Silver Wedding Inspiration

Turquoise, though bright and flashy, is actually an incredibly versatile color if you match it with the right color. Pair turquoise with peach or coral for a summer-time feel, or maybe with yellow for a springtime event. White and silver are the colors most associated with winter, so pairing turquoise with white and silver is perfect for any winter wedding or event! Cool turquoise blends with white and silver to form an eye-popping color palette that’s fresh and trendy!

turquoise, white, and silver wedding inspiration board

Just how can you tastefully design tablescapes based on a turquoise, white, and silver color scheme? Turquoise alone is visually stimulating, so if you’re in love with cool turquoise, try using turquoise tablecloths with turquoise napkins–white china and silver cutlery will provide contrast. For a more complex tablescape design, decorate your tables with white tablecloths and then layer with turquoise table overlays so the white tablecloths barely peak out beneath the turquoise.

turquoise, white, and silver ideas board 1 

If you prefer to use white or silver as your dominant color, turquoise provides a lovely accent, especially when you use satin table runners, chair covers, and chair cover sashes in turquoise. With white or silver as a dominant color, your venue will sparkle with shining silver and look like an enchanting winter wonderland.

Besides the tablescape design, turquoise jewelry and dresses are dazzling and playful–have fun with it!


Would you use turquoise, white, and silver for your wedding colors? Comment in the box below!


Credits: Turquoise, white, and silver wedding inspiration boards pinned here

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