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September 29, 2020

Winter Moonlight Color Palette

 This week we wanted to take a break from the Valentine’s reds and pinks that are so prominent this time of year. Although we’ll be back with more romantic tablescapes and palettes with those colors, this week we wanted to celebrate what remains of winter. For anyone planning a wintertime event, our gorgeous Winter Moonlight color palette honors the cool colors of wintry seasons.

When we thought of winter, we instantly thought of silver and blue, and this stunning combination works perfectly together when paired with a soft grey, and touches of white. We chose navy blue as our foundation and only true color, its a deep and graceful shade, bringing an elegant sophistication to this palette. To add shine reminiscent of glistening ice, we chose sparkling silver to compliment the rich blue. You could feature silver on its own, or use more sparkle by adding silver sequin  linens, crystal decor, and accents.

To round off the palette we added the needed neutral of grey. It’s similar to silver, but without the shine and sparkle, making grey a perfect undertone wherever its needed. White is also a beautiful complimentary addition to this color palette.

Winter Moonlight Color Palette: Featuring stunning Navy & Silver hues | LinenTablecloth Blog

 MODWedding | Chicago Style Weddings | appleberryink via etsy | fab you bliss | Love My Dress | Elizabeth Anne Designs

This palette begs for the addition of feminine accents like diamonds, sequins, and pearls. Add these to create a chic and sophisticated winter moonlight  color palette that you and your guests will love. We hope you liked the break from Valentine’s colors, let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for the returns of our reds, pinks, and more!

Color Palette Design & Graphic Design: Olivia | Writing: Mikayla

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