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August 26, 2019

Winter Rose Tablescape Breakdown

Winter is characterized by pale cool colors such as white and baby blue.  While beautiful, if you’re planning an event it can sometimes become monotonous trying create a unique setting with the same supplies.  Our Winter Rose Palette not only introduces fresh new colors to your winter setting, it also utilizes geometric shapes for an exquisite and eye catching design.  Keep reading to find out how to replicate this look!


For maximum freedom of movement, we chose a 90 in. Round Polyester Tablecloth in Tea Green.  The half drop allows for guests to easily move closer or away from the table without entangling legs or disrupting the setting.  If your winters are warm and you’re hosting an outdoor event, half drops also help to ensure the linen stays free from mud and grass stains.


Contrasting the cool green and stark white we have 20 in. Polyester Napkins in Pink.  Soft like the rose petals that give this palette its name, these napkins help balance the tablescape out.  Fold the napkins in half diagonally and then repeat. You’ll get a large triangle that can slide under the plates, a cute additional that is equally easy.


If you’re not a big fan of Tea Green, Hemlock, and Mint items are a fantastic alternative with this Winter Rose Palette combination!


One of the things that stand out about this tablescape, other than the bright colors, is the use of shapes.  By sliding the sharp triangular napkins under the round 13 in. White Sunburst Glass Charger Plate 4/Pack each shape is further enhanced.


Gold Rimmed Optic Glassware Sets were used alongside gold flatware to help the pink soften out this winter tablescape. The flatware was set diagonally on the plates for a splash of color on the white chargers as well as to further add to our geometric theme.



Finishing off our plates were actually single blossoms pulled from our 6 in. Tea Green Silk Flower Balls.

These flowers accompanied our centerpiece arrangement of 19 in. White Silk Hydrangea Bushes, 27 in. Peach Silk Carnations, and 10 in. Dark Pink Hydrangea Silk Plants.  On all three of these flowers we removed the heads from the stems.  They were then placed around the base of our Vintage Birdcage Pedestal Pillar Candle Holder. Large candles were placed on the bases to help with the atmosphere as well as to shed light on the tablescape.

Send us pictures of your own Winter Rose Palette to or our Facebook page for a chance to be featured!

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