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August 26, 2019

White Winter Romance Tablescape Breakdown

With the exception of Christmas, winter is usually accompanied with a sense of dread.  Weather turns colder, leading to snow and sickness and generally just a not so fun time.  Due in part to the weather, weddings and other events are mainly held in spring, summer, and fall.  However, winter weddings are beautiful with pure ice, cozy fires and furs, as well as the dazzling contrast of winter floral on paler palettes.  Check out our White Winter Romance sweetheart tablescape for a complete breakdown and ideas you can use for your own winter wedding!


While not a rule, if you’re aiming for a winter palette we recommend you start with a pale tone in your color scheme.  White, ivory, baby blue, or even pale shades of pink and orange can make terrific bases. Dark colors can be added as accents and make the colors you do use pop even more.  This tablescape features a 90 x 132 in. Rectangular Satin Tablecloth in Ivory. On top of that is a 90 x 156 in. Rectangular Vintage Fringe Tablecloth in White. The fabric does puddle over since the sweetheart is only a 4 ft. but extra fabric can be tucked away under the table.


To match with the subtle satin underneath we used 18 in. Shantung Napkins also in Ivory.  The slight sheen from the napkins compliments the shine of the satin that manages to peek through from underneath the Fringe Tablecloth.  Inspiration from this came from the glint of sun on snow.


Floral are rather hard to find in the depths of North American winters without the help of greenhouses.  Taking a more traditional route we chose poinsettias and some pine for our floral on this tablescape. Behind our old time lantern is actually our 33 in. Poinsettia Window/Door Decor which contains poinsettias, pine, branches, pinecones, and other woodsy floral elements.


Once upon a time silverware used to be, well, silver.  Now however there is a wide variety of options available including copper, gold, and rose gold.  Browse around to see if you can get serveware that elevates your palette instead of blending in. Copper silverware was used along with our Copper Kaleidoscope Glass Charger Plates to match our mugs-usually used for Moscow Mules.  The darker metals provide a nice contrast to the white and ivory of our linen. Copper also helped to create an earthy feel, like this tablescape could be found in a clearing surrounded by snow covered pines.

Send us pictures of your winter tablescape for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!  Images can be sent to or message us on Facebook.

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